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Non-Stop Action Picture Everly To Star Kate Hudson

It's based on his idea, and has a Black Listed script by Yale Hannon.Variety have run this log-line for the film: Everly centers on a down-on-her-luck woman, stuck in her apartment, who must fend off waves of assassins sent by her ex, a dangerous mob boss.Pic is set entirely in one room. To which I added: The film[...]

What We Know About Joe Lynch's Everly (Makes It Sound Great)

One of the scripts to make last year's Black List of hotly-touted screenplays was Everly by Yale Hannon, a film pitched as Panic Room meets Crank.* It is, if you'll pardon a daft pun that you'll get in a paragraph or two, wall-to-wall action.The story credit for the film goes to Hannon and Joe Lynch,[...]