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LEGO Celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with New Festive Set 
This year marks The Year of the Rabbit, and the city kicks off the festivities with the Lunar New Year Parade set Coming in at 1,653 pieces, this parade is packed with character from 18 LEGO minifigures with 5 musicians, 2 masked performers, as well as some party people in costumes from Monkie Kid and[...]
When Larry David Says "Yes I Can Hear You Cl
Spoilers, I suppose, if you care about such things. So Larry David appears in the recording booth on Toast's laptop, Bill Hader as producer Dwight Difference is zooming in to his own house from Alaska, and Paul Rudd playing himself trying to get into the party on the intercom. I do not know how long I have[...]
The Long Read: Talking With Susan Wokoma About Crazyhead, Abortion Comedy and The Year Of The Rabbit.
Year Of The Rabbit was a bit of a smash hit for Channel 4 last year A comedy thriller parodying seventies cop shows, but set in Victorian London, it starred Matt Berry as the eponymous Inspector Rabbit, Freddie Fox as his posh partner Strauss and Susan Wokoma as the country's first female police officer (fopper?) Mabel[...]
Keeley Hawes, Sally Phillips, and Jill Halfpenny Join Channel 4's Year of the Rabbit
Channel 4 has added Keeley Hawes, Sally Phillips, and Jill Halfpenny to the cast of its upcoming comedy, Year of the Rabbit Set in Victorian London, which is also where Bleeding Cool's own Rich Johnston lives, Year of the Rabbit stars Matt Berry as "hardened booze-hound cop," the titular Detective Inspector Rabbit "He's aided and abetted[...]