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Doctor Strange #390 cover by Mike del Mundo
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Zelma Stanton returns to the Sanctum Santorum in search of Doctor Strange Instead, she finds the Amazing Spider-Man housesitting for the Sorcerer Supreme He does, however, know where to lead Zelma She and Spidey find Stephen at his short-lived veterinary clinic with Bats the Ghost Dog Zelma and Stephen have a heart-to-heart while Bats[...]
Loki. Doctor Strange #381 cover by Mike del Mundo
For Zelma Stanton, it's just another boss. He is making a couple of changes, though There is a room in the Sanctum Santorum that Strange left blocked off to him, and he has been unable to get past the door Furthermore, he wants magic without consequence, which worries the other magic-wielders even more. Doctor Strange #381 cover[...]
Doctor Strange #26 Review: Strange Will Be Just Fine (Hopefully)
However, they are chased by an unknown evil, and they never reach their destination. In the present day, Doctor Strange and Zelma Stanton pick up where they left off, but the evil never left In fact, it added the sorcerers to its ranks, and Strange and Zelma must outmaneuver them if they will ever make it[...]
'Doctor Strange' #25 Review: A Solid One-Off Tale
As such, Greenwich Village is turning into a horde of murderous demons, and Strange's apprentice, Zelma Stanton, is not excluded from this. This exact scenario is actually really familiar for Doctor Strange, but he's not sure why that is Can he discover the cause for this mass-possession before he gets torn limb from limb? We have another[...]