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Adventure Time: Distant Lands SDCC Panel Previews Next Ep Obsidian

The one panel I was anxiously awaiting, HBO Max and Cartoon Network Studios' Adventure Time: Distant Lands. The panel was moderated by Michaela Dietz (Amethyst, Steven Universe) and she was joined by Adam Muto (Executive Producer), Niki Yang (BMO), Glory Curda (Y5), and Olivia Olson (Marceline). They discussed the Adventure Time: Distant Lands BMO special and the upcoming Obsidian without offering spoilers, (unfortunately… I know many might not enjoy those, but I love them).

After being asked what inspired the idea of taking Adventure Time further, Muto stated they had pitched a few ideas for miniseries with some characters to fill out a longer season, and the BMO special, as well as the Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, was one of them. Muto also made it clear that it was not a reboot, they just did not have a venue for them at the time and that is when HBO Max came out. When asked which was the most obscure spin-off, Muto stated he was having trouble thinking of the weirdest ones because "who knows what we might end up doing?" Hmm, is anyone else taking this as a hint that there may be more in the future of Adventure Time other than Distant Lands? I surely hope so, I mean, I would never want to see it end.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands
Adventure Time: Distant Lands presents "Obsidian" (Image: HBO Max)

Yang and Curda, both discussed working on the BMO special. Yang stated she was surprised by the ending of it, stating she loved baby Finn and Jake. Muto joined in stating they always knew it was going to end that way. Then they moved on to discussing Obsidian. This one could probably be the one I am looking forward to the most, I love Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, and I cried when they ended together because it was truly meant to be. And honestly? I cannot wait to see where their relationship leads.

Olson explained, that even though the finale ended so perfectly, it also opened the door for them to finally discuss their relationship. They hinted we will be able to see moments in the past between them and how everything is affected moving forward. Olson stressed it will be very satisfying for the fanbase and will also answer a lot of questions we all have. Muto said the title "Obsidian" is a metaphor for what we will see given we are introduced to a new kingdom and also for the behaviors some characters will exhibit in this special– he explained that Obsidian is a type of natural glass that spiritually can be protective and absorb negativity, but could also be turned into a weapon. He added that the title fits the setting as well as the idea of cleansing since it is meant to reduce stress and expose things, which is what this special is about. It seems we are going to be seeing snapshots of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's life- where their stresses and conflicts come from as well as what happens after a big romantic moment.

Olson added that Obsidian will show many faces of Marceline, but one of the biggest arcs will be her getting past walls she has put up for herself as far as letting people in after lifetimes of up and down. It will show how she tackles her own issues before moving forward in a relationship with Princess Bubblegum. Olson and Muto discussed the role music plays for Marceline as a character and working with songwriters to make sure it shows the different stages of her life as well as how much she has grown since, including where her mindsets are currently at. Olson then blessed us all with a new song, "Monster", for the upcoming special Obsidian. I really cannot wait for it to come out. It seems it will be filled with new characters as well as old ones with a moving storyline.

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