AEW Dynamite 8/11/20 Report Part 1: MJF's Press Briefing Goes Well

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's Wednesday Night Wars wrestling recaps. Wednesday really is the best night of the week by far, but it's also the longest. Here's the deal: first I watch AEW Dynamite, then WWE NXT. I'll tell you everything that happens and hopefully, we'll have some fun along the way. My goal is to get these submitted before 2 AM so I can actually get some sleep, but it's a lot of wrestling. Let's get started with Dynamite.

AEW Dynamite 8/11/20 Report Part 1: MJF's Press Briefing Goes Well (Image: AEW)
AEW Dynamite 8/11/20 Report Part 1: MJF's Press Briefing Goes Well (Image: AEW)

AEW Dynamite Report for August 11th, 2020 Part 1

AEW begins not with a bang… actually, it is with a bang. Many of them in fact, because there's lots of pyro. After a pan through the coronavirus risks in the upper decks, The Young Bucks come to the ring. Or, they would have, if the Dark Order didn't attack them at the top of the stage.

Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs. Young Bucks

I'm doing things differently this week. In an attempt to not be overly wordy, rather than providing a blow-by-blow of the matches, I'll be giving you the bullet points.

  • The Dark Order B-Squad is at ringside for the match, conveniently providing the Bucks with lots of bodies to jump off things onto.
  • Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Taz are on commentary again. Excalibur is expected to return next week.
  • JR calls Evil Uno the most underrated tag team wrestler in AEW. He is pretty good. Stu Grayson too.
  • Grayson hits a slingshot senton on Matt Jackson at one point, but not from the apron to the inside. Instead, it's from the inside to the apron. It was a thing of beauty.
  • Matt Jackson spends a good portion of the match taking on Dark Order by himself… and faring well.
  • At one point, Matt is cornered by all the B-Squad at ringside. To escape, he scrambles under the ring, out a different side, and back in.
  • Nick Jackson gets a hot tag eventually. "The best comeback in the business," he tells the camera.
  • Nick hits a superkick to Stu Grayson's face mid-air as Grayson is leaping over the ring barrier.
  • An even bigger spotfest than the rest of the match has been happens at this point. All the big tandem moves are hit.
  • Stu Grayson beats up Matt Jackson all the way up the entrance ramp and into the tunnel. He orders the B-Squad to stand guard at the tunnel to prevent Matt from coming back to the ring.
  • But Nick rolls up Uno and gets the pin anyway.

Poor Dark Order. Will they ever get a big win? Backstage, Wardlow knocks on MJF's door and MJF starts his Goldbergesque walk to the ring. Commentary runs through the card for the night. Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy. Cody vs. Scorpio Sky. Hikaru Shida in action. Jon Moxley appearing live. And of course, the Rock 'n Roll Express, Tully Blanchard, and Arn Anderson in the house for Tag Team Appreciation Night. A video package series that will run through the night asks AEW stars who they're favorite tag team ever is. Kenny Omega says the Bucks, which Adam Page doesn't take well. Page and Omega will be in action tonight against Jurassic Express.

MJF makes it out to the stage. He shakes hands with the commentary team. I hope they brought hand sanitizer. Dynamite goes to commercials.

Dynamite Press Briefing by MJF

  • MJF is in the ring at the podium with his campaign staff for another address.
  • He asks everyone to use the hashtags #MJF2020 and #NotMyChampion
  • MJF wants to start off with some stats. He shows that MJF is leading Jon Moxley in the polls, 500% to -%1000.
  • He says Moxley doesn't care about the AEW fans, which is why he's not here tonight. What? Wasn't he advertised to appear "live?"
  • MJF says Moxley isn't there because he's afraid of him. He's not used to someone so much more talented than him or with someone who won't "happily look up at the lights for him." This is a shoot, brother! A Russo style shoot.
  • MJF lays down in the middle of the ring to demonstrate.
  • Continuing his speech from the mat, MJF says AEW deserves quality leadership and Moxley isn't a leader. He's a rabid dog chasing cars. He wouldn't know what to do with one if he caught it. The problem is he has caught it.
  • MJF is going deep with this car metaphor. He wants Moxley to give him the car keys.
  • Moxley's music plays. MJF orders his security to head up to the stands to cut off Moxley.
  • Once they're all far away, Moxley comes out through the regular entrance. MJF doesn't see him.
  • Moxley beats the living hell out of MJF. He hits the paradigm shift and knocks over the podium before leaving.
  • Backstage, Moxley cuts a short promo about teaching MJF a painful lesson in humility at All Out.
  • Wardlow tends to MJF in the ring. MJF is selling a neck injury."Wardlow, I can't get up! Oh god!"

JR plays us a video recap of the Sammy Guevarra/Matt Hardy brawl from last week. Hardy got busted open bad by a steel chair. Alex Marvez interviews Hardy backstage. He says Hardy won't be cleared for ten days and asks him how he feels. Hardy is mad. In ten days, it will be the next Dynamite (it's preempted for the NBA). So Sammy is gonna get it. Matt sees a young person wearing Sammy Guevarra type clothes and attacks him, but it turns out to be referee Mike Posey. Oops!

Scorpio Sky kicks a literal door down at the entrance tunnel and makes his way to the ring as Dynamite goes to commercials.

Scorpio Sky vs. Cody Rhodes – TNT Championship Match

Cody comes to the ring with the newly finished TNT Championship belt. It looks much better. He's got Brandi Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Arn Anderson, QT Marshall, and Allie with him for his entrance. Here's the bullet points.

  • They play up both men's records during the introductions, which helps give it a big match feel.
  • Mike Chioda is the ref. Mike Chioda is all elite!
  • Everyone but Arn Anderson from Cody's posse goes backstage before the match starts.
  • Cody seems to be taking this match more seriously than his last few.
  • Sky is, of course also taking it seriously.
  • #NightmareSky is the secret hashtag during the picture-in-picture commercial break.
  • JR says Scorpio Sky could be the first African American TV Champion in AEW History. Tony says he's already the first African-American tag team champion in AEW history. Of course, AEW is only about a year old.
  • Sky works on the torso of Cody after throwing him ribs-first into the ring post.
  • At one point Sky hits a slingshot cutter on the stage.
  • Sky kicks out of a Crossroads, shocking Cody.
  • Sky does not kick out of a second Crossroads.

Chioda raises Cody's hand. This match was good, but not as long as I thought it would be. Since Sky seemed to be getting an actual push leading up to this, I expected it to go longer than the usual TNT Championship defense, but it was roughly on the same level.

Brodie Lee appears on the Khantron after the match. He is carrying the old TNT Championship belt. He says that next Saturday, he's taking the new belt from Cody and he'll give him the old one as a consolation prize. I like that they are working the airdate change into all of the promos tonight.

Private Party names The Hardys as their favorite tag team in a video. Then Jurassic Express make their way to the ring to challenge Hangman Page and Kenny Omega for the AEW Tag Team Championships. Dynamite goes to commercials.

Holy crap, is it almost 9 PM already? We'll continue this in part two. Click down below.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Wednesday Night Wars Wrestling Recaps for August 11th, 2020.

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