AEW Dynamite – Best Friends and Proud and Powerful get Hardcore

The first night of the Wednesday Night Wars, after a few weeks of unopposed NXT and Dynamite continues into hour two of Dynamite. Missed the show? No problem. We'll tell you everything important that happened.

The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT
The official logo for AEW Dynamite on TNT

AEW Dynamite Report for September 16th, 2020 Part 2

Private Party are in the ring with Chris Jerico and Jake Hager, about to have a match!

Private Party vs. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager

  • Last week, Jericho announced his plans to dominate the tag team division. Starting with a team that always loses, like Private Party, is a good strategy.
  • Private Party has some success double-teaming Hager to start, but that doesn't last long, and Marq Quen soon finds himself taking a beating at the hands of Hager and Jericho. Then he trades places with Isiah Kassidy. Then Dynamite takes a commercial break.
  • After a Silly String, Kassidy gets the hot tag to Quen, who cleans house on Jericho and Hager. But he tags Kassidy right back in (why do teams do that?).
  • Quen tackles Hager to the outside, leaving Kassidy alone with Jericho. Jericho misses the Judas Effect, allowing Kassidy to hit a springboard stunner, but he gets greed and goes up top for a senton.
  • Now Jericho hits the Judas Effect and gets the pin.

Decent match, if a little formulaic. Jericho continues to beat on Kassidy after the match and puts him in the Walls of Jericho. Quen manages to make the save, and Hager pulls Jericho out of the ring. They leave. Dynamite takes a commercial break.

Ivelisse comes out with Diamanté.  Thunder Rosa comes out on her own. Hikaru Shida in the crowd at ringside for this one.

Ivelisse vs. Thunder Rosa – NWA Women's Championship

  • It's time for Thunder Rosa to get a win back from AEW after losing to Shida.
  • This match is as good as you'd expect it to be. My god… has AEW Women's Division finally moved out of the "they're working on it" phase?!
  • I don't care what Tony Khan has to do for Billy Corgan… figure out a way to keep Thunder Rosa around! Take one for the team, Tony.
  • Thunder Rosa wins with a Tombstone piledriver.

Diamante attacks Thunder Rosa after the match and stomps her out of the ring. She holds up the NWA title. Hikaru Shida hops the barrier and runs in. She clears them out of the ring and picks up the belt. She presents it to Thunder Rosa. Great match. You love to see it.

Miro is lifting weights, spotted by Penelope Ford, while Kip Sabian cuts a promo. Miro finishes lifting, and they talk about planning Kip's bachelor party. Dynamite takes a commercial break.

Lance Archer and Jake Roberts come out. Archer chooses a lucky jobber from the crowd and kicks his ass real quick. Jake Roberts promo time. Oh boy. Will he reference 70s cartoons? Talk about busting nuts? No, he reads a poem instead. Then Jake says they need some tag team partners, so he calls out Taz. Taz comes out alone. That seems… bold.

Taz grabs the mic. He says they discussed this alliance earlier today. Team Taz is happy to do business with them. The trio of Absolute Ricky Starks, the Machine Brian Cage, and the Murder Hawk Monster is a deadly trio. He says they have a deal that when Archer destroys Jon Moxley and becomes champ, he'll give Brian Cage the first shot at the title. Jake agrees. Archer says Taz and his boys are enemies of his enemy, which makes them friendly, but on October 14th, when he beats Moxley, AEW will have a killer new champ, and he doesn't care about Eddie Kingston whining about the Battle Royale. He and Cage are gonna "go Godzilla on Daily's Place."

Jon Moxley comes out. Oh damn. Moxley is smart enough not to come to the ring. He has a mic with him up in the stands, where he is, frankly, less than six feet away from a fan. Then Ricky Starks and Brian Cage come flying out of the upper deck and attack Moxley. Uh… I'm not sure I feel so great about that. Anyway, they beat down Moxley, but Will Hobbs (yes, Will Hobbs) comes out with a steel chair and makes the save.

Moxley introduces WIll Hobbs as his tag team partner and talks Hobbs up. He says they need a third partner, so Moxley calls out to Darby Allin. He tells him to come to Jacksonville next week so they can go to war. Well, that's a great way to introduce Hobbs, who has just signed a contract with AEW after wrestling on Dark and at the Battle Royale, to the Dynamite audience.

I'm gonna hope that this section had fake fans in it and not real ones because if all those wrestlers were brawling up there in the vicinity of those fans, with two of them actually in the stands with them, that's not cool. Anyway, it's time for the main event. A bunch of cars are parked in a circle in the parking lot. There are some people standing around making noise. There is no wrestling ring—only concrete.

Dynamite Main Event: Best Friends vs. Proud and Powerful – Parking Lot Brawl

  • At one point, Best Friends put Ortiz underneath the hood of a Chevy and then take turns hitting sentons onto the hood.
  • Lots of weapons used: wood planks, car mirrors (busts Santana open), the cars themselves, a wooden door that Ortiz gets speared through by Trent, a bicycle rail that Taylor suplexes Ortiz through (Ortiz takes a lot of abuse), and more.
  • This is nothing like a recent parking lot brawl you may recall. It's well-lit, it's not "cinematic," and it's pretty damn hardcore. I could see this match taking place on an episode of ECW Hardcore TV, the highest compliment possible from me.
  • My 10-year-old son: "The first five seconds of this match was better than the Parking Lot Brawl between Velveteen Dream and Adam Cole."
  • Santana and Ortiz double-powerbomb Trent through a car window, and his back gets shredded.
  • Just as Santana is gonna literally murder Chuck Taylor with a metal pipe, Orange Cassidy pops out of a car trunk, and Orange Punches Santana with a chain around his fist. Taylor piledrives him on a car hood, and then Trent puts Ortiz through a piece of plywood laid across a truck bed with a vertebreaker.
  • That'll be all. Best Friends win.

Best Friends ride off with Sue in the van, and all is right in the world. Sue stops to give Proud and Powerful the middle finger, and Dynamite goes off the air. Man, that was a great main event that elevated this to a great episode of Dynamite. The commentary was on point tonight. The streak of taped Dynamites being the best continues. But my work tonight isn't over… now I've got to watch NXT on the DVR.

This post is part of a multi-part series: AEW Dynamite Report for September 16th, 2020.

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