AEW Dynamite: Bryan Danielson is a Turkey for Leaving WWE

The Chadster's Thanksgiving is already off to a terrible start. The Chadster has been planning for weeks to cook the Thanksgiving turkey. But when The Chadster turned on the oven this morning, it just wouldn't get hot. Making things worse, while The Chadster was wondering how Tony Khan could have possibly snuck into The Chadster's house after AEW Dynamite last night and sabotaged The Chadster's oven, The Chadster's wife Keighleyanne texted that guy Gary she's always talking to and Gary brought over his Turkey fryer to save the day. Now she's out in the backyard with Gary frying her Turkey and The Chadster is all alone again, feeling inadequate. Thanks a lot, Tony Khan!

AEW Dynamite: Bryan Danielson is a Turkey for Leaving WWE

But that wasn't the start of The Chadster's troubles. The Chadster was looking forward to Thanksgiving until he watched the Thanksgiving episode of AEW Dynamite last night. It was there that The Chadster witnessed Bryan Danielson, once a proud WWE Superstar, reduced to wrestling Colt Cabana in front of an adoring Chicago crowd. Doesn't Danielson know that he could be wrestling the likes of Happy Corbin on Smackdown if he didn't betray Vince McMahon and join AEW? To make matters worse, Danielson and Cabana put on a great match, with the crowd firmly behind Cabana and Danielson wrestling like a merciless machine, taking Cabana apart in his quest to dismantle the Dark Order ahead of his AEW Championship match with Hangman Adam Page. Auughh man! So unfair! Go ahead and watch it if you are also a traitor.

But that wasn't the part that cheesed The Chadster off the most. After the match, Danielson got on the mic for some more heel work, and Hangman Page himself came out and interrupted. The crowd is hot for this feud, which The Chadster thinks is extremely disrespectful to WWE and shows that these fans don't understand anything about the wrestling business. You can watch a clip of that too if you want The Chadster to die inside.

Thanksgiving could have been really great this year if it wasn't for AEW Dynamite, but as usual, Tony Khan ruins everything and makes The Chadster wish WWE would gobble gobble their competition once more.


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