AEW Dynamite Recap – Swoggle, Rick Rude of the Wednesday Night Wars?

On AEW Dynamite this week, Jon Moxley drops a bombshell, Top Flight debut on Dynamite, The Inner Circle does Vegas, and more! Read all about it here.

I'm Jude Terror, and this is The Shovel: Wednesday Night Wars Edition. I used to write about comics, but comics basically imploded, so now I'm doing this. They're not that different, really. Muscular people in their underwear, solving all their problems with violence, and the biggest companies in each (Marvel and WWE) are deep in bed with the Trump administration. So I feel I'm uniquely qualified for this pursuit, you know? Anyway, I watch the wrestling — four hours of it in this case, for AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT –, and then I tell you what happened. That frees you up to like, have a life or something. And in exchange, I get your clicks. Fair? Okay, let's do this then.

The Shovel - Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]
The Shovel – Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]

AEW Dynamite Recap for November 18th, 2020 Part 1

I'm not sure I like the new intro for Dynamite. Just going right into the theme song has more punch to it. Anyway, Jim Ross welcomes us to Dynamite on behalf of Excalibur and Tony Schiavone and then introduces Top Flight. For those of us who never heard of these guys until last week, JR introduces a video package… it's filmed like the kind of intro someone would get on a reality show, and I think that's actually a pretty good way to introduce new wrestlers.

Anyway, the Young Bucks are looking to do with the AEW Tag Team Championships what Cody did with the TNT Championship by bringing in the best tag teams not just in AEW but in the independent wrestling scene too. The Young Bucks come out.

They have a match. One with lots of flips and leg slaps. Top Flight do their best to out Young Bucks, the Young Bucks, and the Bucks make them look good, but no one is under any illusions about who's walking out of here with the belts, right? Nick Jackson gets the pin after the Bucks hit BTE trigger on… one of these guys. Look, maybe I'll learn their names if they appear again.

The Young Bucks defeat Top Flight via pinfall.

TH2 attack Top Flight after the match for some reason. The Bucks chase them off, then lead applause for Top Flight.

JR, Tony, and Excalibur run through tonight's card. A little thing I like about AEW's commentary is they acknowledge what's going on in the world with JR telling people to wear their masks and stay safe. WWE would have you think they just built a digital nightmare studio for their intellectual property to battle in for fun.

Via video, The Inner Circle slays vegas. There are lots of hijinx as they gamble in a casino and visit a strip club, built around the tension between MJF and Wardlow and the Inner Circle. MJF and Jericho do a bit where they argue over what drinks the bartender should get them, escalating with increasingly ridiculous requests. It ends up with Jericho requesting two shots of Everclear, which they chug and then get totally wasted. Then Proud and Powerful bring in Konnan, who gets them high in a limo. Now everyone is wasted and more or less getting along, but Wardlow and Jake Hager beat up some waiters to one-up each other. This will be continued later.

Next, we see the Boundless commercial by Director X that AEW released earlier today.  Then Dynamite takes a commercial break. After the break, we see a pre-recorded promo by Jon Moxley. He talks about his childhood and his father, who told him they're the good guys. He's remembered that throughout his career and in defending the AEW Championship against all comers. He mentions he has a pregnant wife at home. Uh… what? Was that known? This is a real roller coaster of a promo. What is he talking about? Oh yeah, Moxley says he's gonna sign the contract tonight to face Kenny Omega tonight at the upcoming Winter is Coming episode of Dynamite in December.

Renee is being cagey about this on Twitter

Orange Cassidy comes out with Best Friends, who leave him and head backstage. Miro joins commentary. Kip Sabian comes out with Penelope Ford. They make out a little in the ring. Then Sabian and Cassidy have a match. It's a good match which Cassidy wins with a mousetrap. Wow, who could have foreseen that ending clean– oh…

Orange Cassidy defeats Kip Sabian via pinfall.

Miro runs to the ring and levels Cassidy with a clothesline. But Cassidy got the win, and that's what matters. Dynamite takes a commercial break, and I'm gonna have to process this Moxley/Paquette pregnancy news. And by process, I mean cram out a clickbait article real fast. BRB!

Okay, done. Dynamite is back, and Tony Schiavone is in the ring with a table and some contracts. Justin Roberts does his ridiculous Kenny Omega intro, and Omega comes to the ring. Schiavone introduces Moxley, but he doesn't come out. Tony gets a message in his earpiece. Backstage, Moxley is knocked out cold and has a bloody nose. I bet Renee did it after he casually revealed she's pregnant in the middle of a wrestling promo.

Omega implies Moxley is trying to avoid a match with him. The last time they had a match, he had a problem with his elbow, and now this. Omega says Moxley won't get away with it and signs the contract.

Back to the Inner Circle in Vegas. They have inducted an Elvis impersonator into the group, and everyone is holding a wine bottle. MJF, totally wasted, gives the group a pep talk. Cut to morning, and Jericho wakes up in bed next to Elvis in a trashed hotel room. MJF wakes up in a bathtub. He finds Sammy Guevara in a fountain. MJF has stuff written on his face by Sammy. Sammy is wearing a wedding ring. Photos show he got married to three wives. Ortiz is lifting weights like a lunatic. Santana is tending chickens. Hornswoggle is in a diaper, crying. Wow, that was a lot! And hey, Hornswoggle was on both Impact Wrestling and AEW Dynamite this week. He's the Rick Rude of the Wednesday Night Wars!

Jericho is on commentary now. He says he's still hungover. But he says the Inner Circle is united, and next week they'll be back on Dynamite. Dynamite takes a commercial break, and it's the top of the hour, which means it's time to move this shindig over to the second part of this recap, so click down below for Dynamite hour two.

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