AEW Updates Britt Baker's Injury, Time Frame for Dynamite Return

Following last night's AEW Double or Nothing PPV, AEW owner Tony Khan shared an update on the status of Britt Baker's injury. Baker was originally set to face Kris Statlander at the PPV but hurt her knee when Statlander and Hikaru Shida dropped AEW Women's Champion Nyla Rose on Baker's leg. Penelope Ford replaced Baker in the match with Statlander at Double or Nothing. Baker will be out a little longer than two other stars who were injured on the same episode of Dynamite, Rey Fenix, and Matt Jackson, but not as long as if she had a more serious injury to her knee. According to Tony Khan, Baker should be back in about six weeks.

Britt Baker takes a Nyla Rose to the knee on AEW Dynamite
Britt Baker takes a Nyla Rose to the knee on AEW Dynamite

With Baker's injury less serious than it could have been, it makes sense that Nyla Rose dropped the title to Hikaru Shida last night. If Baker were out for the rest of the year, AEW would be hard-pressed to build up a credible heel challenger for Shida, but Shida has a major rivalry with Baker that was built during the weeks AEW aired taped footage from Georgia, in which Baker got her nose busted open by Shida. The bloody-faced Baker continuing to wrestle that match, which she lost, elevated her status in the eyes of the audience, along with vastly improved promo and character work since turning heel.

Shida winning the belt came as a surprise to some since Rose only won the title in February and was off TV for most of the months of March and April due to the pandemic. Shida, meanwhile, has risen in prominence during that time also due partially to the feud with Baker. Shida has the potential to be a great babyface champion and it's clear that she and Baker elevate each other, so a long championship rivalry between the two would be great for AEW. During Double or Nothing last night, we learned that Britt Baker will address her own status on Dynamite this week, so it looks like she may continue to appear on TV even while injured. Shida will also probably address her win on Dynamite.

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