Nyla Rose Vs Hikaru Shida No DQ Match: AEW Double Or Nothing Results

AEW Women's action continued at Double or Nothing with a big match between Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida for the Women's Championship. Shida is one of the hottest wrestlers in the promotion right now, and they have done a great job in the run-up to the PPV on her quest for the title. Rose Recently returned from suspension and resumed wreaking havoc on the division yet again. A no DQ match would seem to favor Rose, and coming into the match Shida looks focused and determined to leave the new AEW Women's champion. Did she succeed? Find out below.

AEW Double or Nothing Women's Title Match Finds Hikaru Shida Vs. Nyla Rose (image: AEW)
AEW Double or Nothing Women's Title Match Finds Hikaru Shida Vs. Nyla Rose (image: AEW)

AEW Women's Title Match Finds Hikaru Shida Vs. Nyla Rose

After intros, Shida avoids kendo stick shots from Rose and gets a hold of it herself. After a tug o war over the stick, Rose wins and stars reigning down shots on Shida's back. The two then start trading offense until Shida gains the upper hand on the outside with a running knee lift. Rose hits a guardrail toss multiple times and regains control. Rose is so physical. Tables start to come out, as Shida is sent through a ringside poker table by Rose.

Rose then begins hitting some chair shots and getting in the face of AEW staff at ringside. The action moves back to the ring, with Rose toying with Shida. Big, powerful offense by Rose as they are really playing up the power heel dynamic here. Shida turns the tide with a huricanrana and a running knee before eating a suplex from the AEW Women's champion. With the action continuing outside, Shida hits a running knee to the back of the head and bangs Rose into the giant poker chips outside.

Shida starts hitting some offense in the crowd, including an awkward running knee into more giant poker chips. Shida gets ahold of the kendo stick and really lets Rose have it in a sick shot to the arm. More shots to the back and throat by Shida, then one to the head. Shida hits a huge brainbuster for a two count. More offense from Shida before eating a huge powerslam. Rose puts Shida draped over the top rope and hits a huge knee to the back of Shida's head. Rose then brings a table into the ring, and as JR would say, business is picking up. The AEW champ props it up in the corner, and after some back and forth powerbombs Shida through it for a two count. After a death valley driver and kendo shots, Shida turns the tide by throwing the kendo stick at Rose. Shida hits a HUGE falcon arrow from the top for a really close two count.

Here's Your Finish

More kendo shots from Shida to Rose and another huge running knee from Shida leads to a surprise three count and a new AEW Women's Champion, Hikaru Shida. Very cool moment, and a well-deserved victory. The match was pretty slow at times, but some huge spots and the great surprise finish saved it.

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