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Big Brother Season 23 E07 Recap: Britini Raps & Frenchie Plays Possum

The seventh episode of CBS' Big Brother season 23 witnessed two jokers in the hot seat facing eviction.  Spoilers are plentiful and heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding the second veto competition this season of Big Brother. Now that Derek X has decided to keep both Britini and Frenchie on the block, someone from the "The Jokers" will go home feeling the solid hand come down on their fates. Britini gets a solid grip on what is at stake, deciding to attempt a low profile till eviction happens for the assumed target, Frenchie. On the other hand, Frenchie's game plan is akin to playing dead like a possum. Intermixed is an odd yet entertaining series of examples of Britini's inner belief in "rap skills". While the rap continues, Frenchie's mission to seem harmless and more of a target to shield other people continued.

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The reality of COVID and the toll from this pandemic hit personally for Big Brother's Sarah Beth when she revealed to Kyland that the anniversary of her father's death from the virus had come, making it a year since his passing. The closeness between the two to share such personal information is becoming very evident. While emotional boundaries had been explored, Kyland attempts to get other perspectives on guaranteeing safety from any win The Aces get in HOH, if they do. Next, in another smart move, he met with The Kings to get a feel on their plans going forward. The fear of losing equal ground with the possibility of two men going home within the first two weeks is getting to Brent who hopes to align with women in the Big Brother house.

The two nominees had their chance to give a short speech before voting began. Britini did what she promised…she did a rap. I'm not even in the living room and I felt the cringe to be honest. Frenchie's speech involved talk of friendship and inviting people to his farm no matter what. Claire was up first to vote and she chose to evict Frenchie. Next, Sarah Beth chose to evict Frenchie. Xavier voted to evict Frenchie. Derek F voted to evict Britini. Christian voted to evict Frenchie. Whitney voted to evict Frenchie, not much of a surprise there. Azah voted to evict her fellow Joker, Frenchie. Derek X voted to evict Frenchie. Tiffany voted to evict Frenchie. Brent voted to evict Frenchie. Hannah voted to evict Frenchie, continuing to stay under the radar. Finally, Alyssa's vote came in to evict Frenchie. The second person to be eliminated from the Big Brother house became Frenchie. When talking to Julie Chen in his Big Brother exit interview, he discussed wanting to create his own change in the house and wanting to go longer than other older players before him.

After Frenchie's goodbyes and interview, the Head of Household competition was set to begin. The game consisted of questions asked of Canadian citizens by Tom Green…yes that Tom. The answers had to be between true or false from contestants. The questions came from Julie about the video they had watched, and then another came around for them to view shortly after. The details were for sure tough to recall, but in the end, Xavier won the next HOH title in the Big Brother house. The next Wild Card competition and decision will be Sunday at 8 PM EST, and the following Veto competition will occur on Wednesday at 8 PM EST.

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