Big Brother Season 23 E15 Recap: Royal Betrayal & Toilet Announcements

We're now up to the fifteenth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding Derek X's HOH this season on Big Brother. The power of Veto competition and plenty of interesting twists in potential punishments were headed our way. The stress and tension in the Big Brother house shot to an all-time high shortly after everyone left the nomination ceremony…and it continued on and off for the whole episode. While Sarah Beth and Britini both found confusion in their nominations, Christian still wasn't aware of any plans Derek X had in his head.

Big Brother Season 23 E15 Recap:
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In her best interest, it would be safe for Sarah Beth to continue to stick to playing that individual game and not letting the potential of Christian being put on the block distract her. Derek X did his best in conversation to help guide the discussion with the kings, but in the end, it was rocky and not everyone seemed on board.

Shortly into the episode, the veto competition arrived. Derek X picked first a name from the box, Alyssa, followed by Sarah Beth picking Claire's name and Britini picking Kyland's name from the box last. The chance for Derek X to get Christian on the block and Sarah Beth off of it became much more of a possibility. The competition itself presented a 1980's style gym, with a curling fitness game that offered not only the power of veto but also trading of prizes and punishments that include that iconic golden necklace. Derek F having a crush on Kyland while he was in the competition was hilarious and relatable as hell. Punishments ranged from wearing a costume and making sandwiches on-demand to playing games on demand, and a nice prize came in the form of five thousand dollars. Britini ended up the last in the competition, giving her the ability to grab that power of veto prize, which she did. Alyssa got the prize of a call to home and Sarah Beth got the five thousand dollars. For Derek X this was a best-case scenario, having the ability to put Christian up finally.

The Big Brother household buzzed with excitement from Britini alone. Her win was important to her, but without communicating more with Derek X or even Hannah, she didn't realize she was never the intended target at all. While a strong competitor, Britini has continually proved to lack communicating gameplay with people outside the former joker team circle, and at some point, it may bite her back. On the other hand, Derek X having the "power of the latrine" with a key to the downstairs restroom, letting people in and saying who was in there loudly. In my honest opinion, the kings have become a bully of a force in the Big Brother house. Alyssa could have continued a strong game, but her connection to Christian was going to end up becoming a barrier or a path to the final two. Derek X made the mistake of telling Alyssa about his plans beforehand, meaning he might as well have told Christian himself. Part of me sees the point in making a big move, but there is a downfall in it no matter what. Left on a cliffhanger, tonight we'll see what Derek X decides to do in the end at 8 PM EST on CBS.

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