Big Brother Season 23 E14 Recap: Unclear Targets & Pawn Nominations

We're now up to the fourteenth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article regarding the latest eviction this season on Big Brother. We got a recap of the HOH competition that lasted for so long after the recent eviction of Whitney. The comfort that houseguests felt from the slow increase of difficulty in the competitions was nothing compared to what they faced in this, from the cold water to the highlighter green-colored "vomit" as the wall straightens and then tilts.

Big Brother Season 23 E14 Recap:
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Tiffany continued to hope for Alyssa's fall, but it felt like she was going to hold longer than expected. Eventually, Tiffany would fall shortly after Azah and before Alyssa. The final houseguest to remain up was Derek X, after Xavier got his promise of safety said out loud.

Derek X slowly realized after his win, that the complications of who to put up would greatly increase. With Hannah in his ear, the direction appeared to be going towards Sarah Beth and/or Christian as one of the options. Sarah Beth may believe a conversation helped her safety in Hannah's eyes…but that's some wishful thinking in the Big Brother household. The target became clearer and clearer as the episode went on, Christian. It was insane to see around the same time Tiffany has loose lips and revealed the information about the Royal Flush alliance. This could be a long-form piece of ammunition against Tiffany by Hannah in the future. Xavier and Derrick X's discussion of what the agreed-upon safety meant was more confusing than elaborative on either side. With the meeting involving Sarah Beth, it felt like a toddler making a threat to throw a tantrum if she were to be used as a pawn on the block. Her game keeps going in and out of smart decisions and conversation, something she may regret later on.

Derek F reinforced the reality of the threat the former team of kings continued to have in the Big Brother house when he talked with the HOH. Derek X attempted to discover a willing pawn, but nothing was biting. On the other side of things, Hannah's game was excellent and incredibly well thought out even when information was thrown her way of alliances she never knew about previously. In the end, the nomination ceremony arrived (maybe a little too soon for Derek X's liking) and the houseguests who went up were Sarah Beth and Britini. Team safety is a thing of the past and Big Brother season 23 is heating up the competition going forward. Look out for the Veto Competition on Wednesday at 8 PM EST.

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