Big Brother Season 23 E25 Recap: Jury House Reveal & Another Goodbye

We're now up to the twenty-fifth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article on a Dear Evan Hansen related Veto competition this season on Big Brother.

Big Brother Season 23 E25 Recap: Jury House Reveal &
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A crazy week was highlighted for audiences before the live eviction took place, with the nominees not as big of a subject as the survival of the Cookout alliance. Alyssa and Claire may have joked about the reality of the alliance without knowing, but sooner or later the truth will be revealed to them either on their eviction night or when they sit in the HOH throne themselves. But the craziest stuff didn't happen in strategy but rather with a fire being started in the oven by something overcooked and then extinguished by Azah and Claire. Meanwhile, in the yard, a bug caused panic and fear by the hammock and poor Hannah ended up almost receiving a concussion after a bump on the head from the freak out started by Derek F. In a way, these events reflect the undercover chaos and rising up that has been happening for the Cookout alliance. The alliance had a hilarious meetup in the Big Brother bathroom late at night.

The strategy was discussed about the final six between Kyland and Tiffany about a possible target being Derek F so that neither of them sees the block sooner than they'd hope. Outside of the constant talk about the game, we got a look at the first two in the Jury house, Britini and Derek X. A recap of what Britini missed was played and Derek X explained what happened that led to his eviction from the Big Brother house. The surprises for those two as they thought about what alliances could have been in place since the beginning was so interesting to witness. Sadly, cameras departed all of that for the live eviction to begin. As usual, the speeches were given by the two nominees and the voting commenced afterward. First to vote was Derek F, who voted to evict Sarah Beth. Next to vote was Claire, who voted to evict Sarah Beth. Alyssa voted to evict Sarah Beth. Tiffany voted out of sympathy to evict Kyland. Azah voted to evict Sarah Beth. Hannah voted to evict Sarah Beth. And finally, Xavier voted to evict Sarah Beth. The evicted houseguest and third addition to the Jury house became Sarah Beth.  The start of the live circus-themed HOH competition began with houseguests swinging on a rope and knocking into a cut-out of an elephant named "Bubbles". Witness the full recap of the endurance HOH and following next nominations on Sunday at 8 PM EST. on CBS.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Brittney messaged BCTV this update last night: "Tiffany is the new HOH"

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