Big Brother Season 23 E24 Recap: Claire's Clarity & Dear Evan Hansen

We're now up to the twenty-fourth episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article on Tiffany's nominations this season on Big Brother.

Big Brother Season 23 E24 Recap: Claire's Clarity & Dear Evan Hansen
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Kyland was able to brace for the inevitability of being put up again by the anonymous HOH, Claire, yet his attachment to Sarah Beth still stands strong and at times felt like a possible downfall for the overall strategy of this episode. The emotions were running incredibly high for Sarah Beth, making her believe the repeat nominations were a signal that the pair of them aren't likable, but little does she realize how far alliances run outside of her small circle. Quickly the players for the Veto competition were picked, which right away included the three nominations of Kyland, Sarah Beth, and Xavier. The picked from the box houseguests included ClaireHannah, and the "dethroned" HOH Tiffany. For an odd moment in the game, Claire got clarity after thinking through what she would do if she won the power of Veto. The risk of upsetting the balance for the Cookout alliance became more of a possibility as the Big Brother house approached this very important game.

The Veto competition arrived and outside of winning the power to change nominations, the players could also win a chance at an advanced screening of the upcoming film Dear Evan Hansen. With posters of the film displayed in a high school set backyard, with a squirrel mascot, the players have to place ten photos in chronological order that involve evicted houseguest moments all photoshopped in weird yet hilarious ways to tell a story. Individually, each of the houseguests playing had their turn to get the sequences in the correct order and in a better time than each other in doing so as they'd be done once the button they pushed told them they were correct. While Alyssa got rightfully frustrated with the little incorrect bits keeping her from being done, others like Claire found the details to be the key to each photo. In the end, Hannah had the fastest time and won the Power of the Veto.

I know the Dear Evan Hansen viewing moment came up…but let's skip to the other stuff. The Power of the Veto ceremony arrived, probably faster than some wanted it to (uh, mostly Sarah Beth), and it was time for Hannah to choose what she wanted to do with it. The rumors had swirled that Kyland wanted it to be used to take him off the block, this deeply upset Tiffany and others a part of the plan to evict Sarah Beth. Hannah got confused when approached by Kyland about taking him off the block and got concerned about possible ulterior motives. In the meeting, Hannah went with her gut and stuck with taking Xavier off the block. Since he was the third nominee as a punishment, no one else was put up in his place. While Sarah Beth may be the target now, Kyland may have to watch his later on. We'll have to see if the house sticks with the plan tonight in the eviction ceremony and endurance competition for the next HOH title at 8 PM EST. on CBS.

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