Bob's Burgers Season 12 E02 Review: A Crystal In This Trying Time

FOX's Bob's Burgers looked to the crystals for insight in the second episode of their twelfth season. Instead? Nervous sweats and pickling jars filled the air. Don't get me wrong, this is absolutely a positive review from me, I love the chaos. But then again, Mr. Frond didn't need to call me out like that with those anxiety dolls, although I appreciate the sentiment along with a set of them (and the crystal, as Tina did).

Bob's Burgers Season 12 E02 Review: A Crystal In This Trying Time
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The jokes…were hitting the mark again and again in this Bob's Burgers episode. Featured below will be a clip that includes it, but the moments between Tina and Mr. Frond surrounding his failures of dating and texting and her nervous panic-induced sweats (which, honestly SAME) made me honestly laugh out loud. People may think Tina doesn't have the social capacity for great flirting but at least she's not at the levels of Mr. Frond's use of exclamation points. When the crystal that originally helped Tina gets taken by Tammy (who is proving to be a fart of a person this season), Louise and Gene step in and I love seeing that dynamic between the siblings whenever it comes up. Also, I can't get enough of Peter Pescadero's odd dancing and talking that sounds like he can only speak in a very high tone after running a marathon. And poor Ms. Jacobson needs a vacation for like a week straight after dealing with Tammy and Jocelyn's presentation.

Bob presents the restaurant with a selection of disfigured fruit and vegetables from the local market, they were on sale and of course, he can't pass up that bargain. While Teddy is fearful of their appearances, Linda makes hilarious attempts at getting close to him with impressions of the grub, specifically a depressing wrinkly tomato. With a lot of leftovers and an approaching deadline where they can't be eaten anymore, Bob and Linda settle on attempting to pickle what is left. The chaos of the vinegar smell filling the restaurant is of course something that would happen on Bob's Burgers and I'm here for it. It reminds me of when I get started on a project only to realize I'm in too deep with knitting stuff I don't need or deciding I'm into decoupage all of a sudden. Good job, Season 12! You're doing well sweetie!

Episode Store & Exterminator Names: "Clayzy For You: Ceramics Supplies" & "The Bugly Truth"

Bob's Burgers Season 12 Episode 2 "Crystal Mess"

Bob's Burgers Season 12 E02 Review: A Crystal In This Trying Time
Review by Brittney Bender

Bob's Burgers brought some of their best jokes and featured some very missed minor characters to their second episode of season 12, one that continues to display some great creative work, making the future look even brighter.


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