Braun Strowman vs. Miz and Morrison: WWE Backlash Live Report

MVP is seen backstage ordering party supplies for the post-Backlash WWE Championship match party tonight. Lana interrupts his call to tell MVP she's the reason Lashley is successful, not him. MVP tells Lana she should have this conversation with Lashley, but she won't because she's scared of what he'll say. MVP heads off to hang with Lashley while Lana looks dejected as a video plays for Braun Strowman defending his WWE Universal Championship in a handicap match with Miz and Morrison.

You know, if you had asked me on Friday who I wanted to win this match, I would have said Braun Strowman. He's just so large. But I've been swayed in the best way possible: by the power of music. Like Miz and Morrison said in their new hit single, HEY! Hey hey, ho hoooo, the Universal Champ has got to go! Unfortunately, The Chadster is not feeling optimistic about Miz and Morrison's chances tonight, regardless of their incredible musical talent. When the dust settles though, I won't be surprised if it's Otis who walks out with the Universal Championship at Backlash.

Braun Strowman Defends His Universal Championship Against Miz and Morrison at WWE Backlash
Braun Strowman Defends His Universal Championship Against Miz and Morrison at WWE Backlash

Braun Strowman vs. Miz and Morrison for the Universal Championship at WWE Backlash

Miz and Morrison make their entrance first, sadly using their regular music instead of HEY! Hey Hey. Before the match, Miz addresses the crowd. He wants something to pump him up, and Morrison agrees. Morrison wants to play the video. Yes! Braun, if you interrupt this, I will never forgive you!

The music video for HEY! Hey Hey plays. I'm so happy to hear this a second time. It's been stuck in my head all night. Send him a tweet and let him know… you want a new champ on the show! Hey hey hey, ho hoooo, the Universal Champion's got to go! Hey hey hey, ho hoop, Braun peed the bed 'til he was six years old—"

No! Strowman interrupts after the first chorus. Corey Graves says he just interrupted the biggest video premiere since Thriller. I agree with him. The song is stuck in Graves's head as well. Michael Cole compares the song to Billy Ocean. Cole explains the rules: whichever of Miz or Morrison manages to pin Strowman will be the Universal Champion.

Strowman and Miz start off, but Miz tags in Morrison before any action starts. Miz distracts Strowman to allow Morrison to attack. Morrison dodges all of Strowman's offense and tags in Miz, who takes a breather outside the ring. these kinds of antics continue for a while as Miz and Morrison do their best to stay out of Strowman's grasp. It's a great strategy, tire the big man out with guerilla attacks. Eventually, they step things up with more high-impact, high-flying offense, which for Miz means a baseball slide, but for Morrison means all sorts of crazy dives.

Miz and Morrison beat on Strowman in the ring for a while, which everyone knows isn't going to last long. Strowman sells admirably as he awaits his comeback spot. Miz hits the Yes Kicks, which is a perfect opportunity, especially as Miz gets cocky on the final kick and encourages the crowd to sing along with HEY! Hey Hey. Strowman is invigorated by the music and hulks up, beating down Miz. Morrison tags in and hits some springboard roundhouse kicks, then really badly whiff a running knee that Strowman sells anyway, then tags Miz. Miz hits another high flying maneuver, the double axhandle, then tags Morrison back in for the combo Skull Crushing Finale/Double Stomp.

WWE Backlash PPV: Match Card, Predictions, Live Coverage (WWE)
WWE Backlash PPV: Match Card, Predictions, Live Coverage (WWE)

Morrison covers Strowman and Miz interrupts the pin but quickly realizes that was a mistake. He puts Morrison back on but it's too late. Strowman kicks out and tosses Morrison from the ring, pummels Miz, and hits his running powerslam on Morrison for the pinfall.

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

After the match, Strowman insults Miz and Morrison's new video. Hey, guy, that's not cool. First of all, it's a good song, but second of all, show some damn sportsmanship! No sign of Otis, which is disappointing. It was an okay match for what it was though. Bruan Strowman retains his WWE Universal Championship at Backlash and the show goes on. I'm gonna have to listen to that track some more later, though. Hey hey hey, ho hoooo! The Universal Champ's still got to go!

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