But Would John Cena Be Willing to Wrestle in His Peacemaker Costume?

With The Suicide Squad set to premiere next month and spinoff series Peacemaker on its way to HBO Max to kick off the new year, writer/director James Gunn and star John Cena have spent a lot of time together and have gotten to know each other pretty well. In fact, well enough for Gunn to realize that Cena really likes wearing his Peacemaker costume. We're talking really likes it. Like, appears-on-a-dozen-talk-shows-and-watches-TV-in-it. In a previous back-n-forth he had with Gunn, Cena admitted to helping himself to a few of the costumes and as we mentioned in a previous post, it kinda got us thinking "Holy crap, is John Cena so busy that he doesn't have time to have a wardrobe so he dresses in whatever's available from the project he's working on?"

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But for a while, things got quiet so we assumed things were being kept in check and under control. Then we saw that teaser for an upcoming Wipeout! special that alluded to Cena's addiction- but it seemed kinda playful (more on that in a minute). At least it did at the moment. But then Cena showed up on WWE Monday Night Raw tonight and everything went back to the drawing board. "Yes, I will probably wear the Peacemaker outfit to the ["The Suicide Squad"] premiere," Cena boldly proclaimed in the middle of the ring. Of course, that sent the "Cena Signal" shining brightly into the night skies, attracting Gunn's attention- and a social media response. "Hahaha he's got to quit wearing that so much. If we get a season 2 the outfits are gonna be all worn out. They're expensive," Gunn wrote in the caption to his tweet- which you can check out below;

And if you need to know just how intervention-worthy Cena's addiction to his Peacemaker costume has become, it even found its way into the teaser trailer for TBS' Wipeout: The Suicide Squad Special, where Gunn makes another valiant effort to get the show's costumes back:

Steve Agee (Super, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Brightburn) rejoins Gunn and John Cena when he reprises his film role of John Economos, a warden of Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary and an aide to Viola Davis' Amanda Waller (the actor also portrays King Shark in the film). Danielle Brooks (Orange Is The New Black) joins the series as Leota Adebayo, with Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) in the role of Auggie Smith. Jennifer Holland (Brightburn) reprises her film role of Emilia Harcourt, and Freddie Stroma (Bridgerton) takes on the role of Adrian Chase aka Vigilante.

In addition, Chukwudi Iwuji (When They See Us) as Clemson Murn, Lochlyn Munro (Riverdale) as Larry Fitzgibbon, Annie Chang (Shades of Blue) as Detective Sophie Song, Christopher Heyerdahl (Togo) as Captain Locke, Nhut Le (Kroll Show) as Judomaster, and Elizabeth Faith Ludlow (The Walking Dead) and Rizwan Manji (Perfect Harmony) as recurring characters of Keeya and Jamil. Recently, Alison Araya (Riverdale) and Lenny Jacobson (Narcos: Mexico) have been tapped for the roles of the married couple Amber and Evan, respectively.

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Gunn, Brad Anderson (Session 9), Rosemary Rodriguez (The Walking Dead), and Jody Hill (The Righteous Gemstones) direct the eight-episode series. Gunn and The Suicide Squad producer Peter Safran will serve as executive producers, with Cena as co-executive producer. Peacemaker will be produced by Gunn's Troll Court Entertainment and The Safran Company in association with Warner Bros TV. Though specific details on the series are being kept under the same kind of wraps as the film, Peacemaker will explore the origins of the character that Cena will play in the upcoming film, a man who believes in peace at any cost — no matter how many people he has to kill to get it.

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