Butthurt Seth Rollins Says Critics of Eye for an Eye Match are Biased

Seth Rollins is one of the top stars in WWE, and thus one of the top stars in the wrestling world. He's also expecting a child with fiance Becky Lynch, arguably the top female wrestler in the entire world. But despite all of his success and what should, by any measure, be a fulfilling life, Rollins can't help but act insecure when criticized by fans on the internet.

Seth Rollins at WWE Extreme Rules
Seth Rollins after ripping out Rey Mysterio's eyeball at WWE Extreme Rules.

We all recall the Twitter tantrum Rollins threw as WWE Universal Champion after receiving backlash for proclaiming WWE to have the best wrestling in the world in 2019. In addition to getting into a Twitter spat with NJPW star Will Ospreay and others, Rollins essentially declared in an interview with Yahoo Sports that anyone who criticized WWE was just some kind of hater.

We're the New York Yankees. It's easy to hate the New England Patriots. We're those teams, we're the dynasty. It's easy to hate us, but we're still the most popular company in the world at what we do. We're so far beyond being a wrestling company that it's very easy to point the finger and hate on us. That's the cool thing to do, it makes perfect sense to me, it's how it's always been in sports and entertainment, you always hate the big guy. It's fine, I'm not upset about it at all.

A year later, Rollins is no longer at the top of the card, but he hasn't changed his attitude. In an interview with TalkSport, Rollins responded to question about criticism of the Eye for an Eye match he had with Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules.

At the end of the day, was it ideal? No. Did it catch people's attention? Sure. It ended up on TMZ.

I think we sort of accomplished what wrestling wants to accomplish and that is we told a very interesting story and there was some outside interest in the finish even though it was very weird – and that's OK.

I think pro wrestling can just be one-on-one, hold-for-hold wrestling or it can be storytelling like any other form of television and I think that when you start to look at it too critically, especially stuff like that… I dunno, to me it reeks of 2020 trying to pick everything apart.

If you like the Lake of Reincarnation in AEW but you hate the eye-for-an-eye match… you know what I mean? Then where are we really at here?

My advice to Seth Rollins: learn to take criticism gracefully. It will be good both for your mental health and for your image. At this point in time, Raw's audience has dwindled so much that it's pretty much entirely hardcore wrestling fans, the kind who are, in fact, likely to watch wrestling with a critical eye. Going back to Rollins's comments from last year, a key tell to know when someone is really upset about something is when they say stuff like "It's fine, I'm not upset about it at all." If you weren't upset, you wouldn't have to say so. And getting mad about it just makes you look like a goober. Don't be a goober, Seth. You're better than that… or at least, so you keep telling us.

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