Christian Convery Talks Sweet Tooth Season 2 and All the Candy in Q&A

Back in July, Netflix announced that the critically acclaimed hit Sweet Tooth series based on the Jeff Lemire comic books from DC Comics would be renewed for Season 2.  There's no firm date for the Season 2 release yet, and we haven't heard too much about it since then, but today at DC FanDome, series star Christian Convery answered some fan questions about the Netflix Sweet Tooth series.  Although the presentation was mostly some light-hearted behind-the-scenes info, there might be the tiniest hint about Season 2 in there as well.  But most importantly of course: it's a good thing that Christian has a sweet tooth of his own as well.

Sweeth Tooth screen cap.
Sweet Tooth Season 1 screen cap.

Q: How many pieces of candy did Christian eat on Sweet Tooth.
A: Probably more than 500, but I'm definitely not complaining, that was amazing. I do have a sweet tooth in real life too.

Q: How do the ears work?
A: The ears are actually controlled not in post-production and not by me.  It's actually a whole rig that controls them. So it starts by me putting on a skull cap that holds the wig and antlers.  But the ears are connected to that skull cap and the ears have wires that run down my neck and onto a pouch on my back that's strapped onto me. And me and a puppeteer work together to control the ears and think of cool ideas that we could do during the scene to really make Gus come alive.

Q: What is your favorite part about shooting in New Zealand?
A: How the nature there is so spectacular and extravagant, so when it's put onto camera you're like, 'Is this fake?' because it looks so majestic and magical there.

Q: Do you have a favorite DC Comics character?
A: I love basically all DC characters. I love all the classics, for example, Superman and the Flash. But I've got a give it to Sweet Tooth because I am Gus and Gus is Sweet Tooth, and Sweet Tooth is a DC comic book.  So it's pretty cool getting to bring a DC comic book to life and being one of the characters in it.

Q: Did you read the Sweet Tooth comics?
A: I indeed read the comics before starting Sweet Tooth and I loved Jeff Lemire's writing techniques, and how he really brought it alive on the page. It's so amazing and it really helped me get a jump start with Gus.

Q: What happens to the hybrids next?
A: Well, I'm itching to find out what happens next, but I really hope that Bobby's okay because he's like the cutest in the world, right? And of course all the other Hybrids. But you'll just have to wait and watch Season 2 to find out.

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