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DC Comics Confirms DC Fandome Online Event For 2021
DC Comics has confirmed that for a second year, they will be running a big online comic convention event, DC Fandome And it will be scheduled for just one day this time, the 16th of October. Last year's event had the ignominious fate of being split into two when it was realised that much of it[...]
A Post-Mortem on Virtual Conventions and Events: Part 2
put on one hell of a show with DC FanDome [the first time] Do they need Hall H or Ballroom 20? There were rumors within days that WarnerMedia was looking to do different versions of FanDome focused on different aspects of their company, and that isn't that surprising Mailing talent a grey background and creating[...]
A Post-Mortem on Virtual Conventions and Events: Part 1
We spoke about the difference between Comic-Con @ Home and DC FanDome in a previous article, but Comic-Con @ Home was generally considered a letdown The panels didn't feel like anything worth watching, and nothing about it felt like an event. On the other hand, DC FanDome, a month later, very much did feel like an[...]
Jim Lee Confirms (Again) That 5G Isn't Happening, at DC Fandome
At DC Fandome, in a video recorded a few weeks ago, current DC publisher Jim Lee confirmed his previous reports confirming the death of 5G. Screencap from DC Fandome. As part of the new DC timeline, 5G – or Generation Five – was to have seen the DC Universe relaunch with a new DC Timeline, and all[...]
DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: How Catwoman Changes The Future Of Batman
At the DC Fandome Joker War panel, wrote John Ridley talks about how this changes Batman He cited the Justice League movie joke asking what Batman's powers were, "I'm rich" So what happens when you take his money away? Of course, it is expected that at the end of the Joker War, everything goes back to[...]
Inside the Minds of DC Costume Designers (Image: The CW)
Moderator and fellow designer Trayce Gigi Field chatted with Lindy Hemming (designer for the "Wonder Woman" and "Dark Knight" films), Erin Benach (Birds of Prey designer), and legend in the design and costuming world, Colleen Atwood (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Batwoman) on DC Fandome's "Explore the Multiverse" panel, "The Super Designers Behind the Super Suits."[...]
Dwayne McDuffie Planned To Write Samuel L Jackson Movies When He Died
The Dwayne McDuffie: A League Of His Own tribute film playing out on DC Fandome was originally released with the DC Animated Movie Justice League Doom The film speaks to Dwayne McDuffie's friends, family, work colleagues and those who inspired him, including much from his widow, and champion of his memory, Charlotte Fullerton McDuffie. The film[...]
Read Hundreds Of DC Comics Digitally Free Including Milestone Returns
As promised, DC Comics has made hundreds of their comic books available free, digitally, on the DC Comics Reader for the length of DC Fandome So you have about, twenty hours left. Read Hundreds Of DC Comics Digitally Free Including Milestone Returns That includes full graphic novels like Kami Garcia's Teen Titans: Raven Collections like the first[...]
What's Censored In John Ridley's Other History DC Fandome Panel?
The Other History Of The DC Universe panel for DC Fandome saw journalist Evan Narcisse interview John Ridley and Giuseppe Camuncoli about the upcoming and long-delayed illustrated story. Screencap from DC Fandome. And we got a little look at some of Camuncoli's artwork for the series Which will begin in the nineteen seventies with Black Lightning –[...]
Just when Titans fans thought they had gotten more than enough news out of last month's DC FanDome, this month's "Explore the Multiverse" included an extended version of the now-HBO Max (???) series' panel that included news of a major return By now, you know that the third season's action will move to Gotham City and[...]
The New Rorschach is Obsessed With Hannah Arendt, Not Ayn Rand
The Watchmen panel at DC Fandome saw HBO Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindelof interview the new Rorschach creative team Tom King and Jorge Fornes, with Damon Lindelhof's background covered in White Rabbit Subtle. DC Fandome screencap. Tom King talked about his own unofficial sequel, the upcoming Rorschach comic book, leaning on the original Watchmen but also the role-playing[...]
Pennyworth – Official Trailer
The news keeps dropping out of WarnerMedia's DC FanDome We've already heard from Doom Patrol, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Young Justice Next up, it's the EPIX Batman prequel series Pennyworth– and they did not come to play when it came to making waves. Alfred's (Jack Bannon) job of protecting and assisting billionaire Thomas Wayne (Ben[...]
The Young Justice Phantoms logo. Credit: DC/Warner Bros.
No better day than DC FanDome for WarnerMedia to break some news Already today, we learned that Doom Patrol will be back for the third season and exclusive to HBO Max, and that a familiar face to Chicago P.D and The OA fans will be joining the Waverider for the sixth season of DC's Legends[...]