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DC FanDome | Teaser Trailer
Discovery confirming that (unlike 2020 and 2021), there will not be a third edition of the global virtual fan event DC FanDome In a statement to Popverse, DC stated the reason for the event being shuttered has to do with the increase of in-person events returning "With the return of in-person events, Warner Bros Discovery[...]
Michael Davis, Milestone Founder, Applies To Milestone Initiative
He ran a mentorship programme through his production studio Bad Boys, which he used to help find talent for Milestone, including the late John Paul Leon, whose first comic book job was drawing Static #1. This weekend, DC Comics announced the new Milestone Initiative at DC Fandome to serve "Black and underrepresented" comic book creators, as[...]
Sweeth Tooth screen cap.
Back in July, Netflix announced that the critically acclaimed hit Sweet Tooth series based on the Jeff Lemire comic books from DC Comics would be renewed for Season 2.  There's no firm date for the Season 2 release yet, and we haven't heard too much about it since then, but today at DC FanDome, series[...]
DMZ: HBO Max, Ava DuVernay & Roberto Patino Series Offers First-Looks
Ava DuVernay (When They See Us) and Roberto Patino's (Westworld) four-part limited series adaptation of DC Comics series DMZ for HBO Max offered up some new looks at the upcoming project during DC Fandome 2021 Rosario Dawson (Briarpatch, Rent, Sin City), Benjamin Bratt (Law & Order, Traffic), Hoon Lee (Banshee, Warrior), Freddy Miyares (When They See Us,[...]
DC FanDome: Pennyworth Season 3 On The Way, Now On HBO Max
Pennyworth is in production for season 3, and it was announced during DC FanDome that the show will now be on HBO Max, which no doubt will help its visibility and maybe find a bigger audience The first two seasons of the show will also be coming to HBO Max in early 2022 The now[...]
Todd McFarlane Debuts The Batman Statue and More at DC Fandome
However, McFarlane Toys is resurrecting these lien sand gives fans a first glimpse at some of the pieces at DC Fandome. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: DC Fandome Credit: DC Fandome Credit: DC Fandome Credit: DC Fandome Credit: DC Fandome Credit: DC Fandome As seen[...]
The Batman: Posters for Batman and Riddler Debut Ahead of DC FanDome
DC FanDome is where we finally got our first look at The Batman, and since the movie was well over a year away when that first trailer dropped, we haven't heard anything since However, the film is now a little under six months away from being released, so it's not surprising that they released another trailer[...]
DC Comics Publishes Wonder Woman: Trial Of The Amazons For 2022
Announced at DC Fandome, Wonder Woman: Trial Of The Amazons is a new DC Comics comic book event for 2022, a massive crossover to follow Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary will affect the future of the Amazons Diana has ascended to a new place (plane? – Rich) of existence fighting for justice on a cosmic scale[...]
DC Fandome: First Trailer For Catwoman Animated Film Debuts
DC Fandome is in full swing, and they just showed off the trailer for the new animated film Catwoman: Hunted This will be the first of a few new animated DC Comics projects coming in 2022, as it debuts on February 8th, 2022 It features a voice cast that includes Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious) as Selina[...]
New 10-Page DC Comic, Monkiey King #0 In Full
As seen in last May's  DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1, Monkey Prince is a new series launching from Gene Luen Yang 楊謹倫 and Bernard Chang 張伯納 in February 2022, with a new twelve-issue limited series from DC Comics and just announced at DC FanDome Inspired by the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey[...]
DC Heroes & Villains Mobile Game Announced During DC FanDome
DC FanDome had a surprise mobile game announcement as iOS and Android players will be getting DC Heroes & Villains Working with DC Comics, Jam City and its development studio Ludia Inc have come together to make what appears to be a match-three title featuring iconic characters from across multiple comic book properties You'll have[...]
Harley Quinn Panel - No Season 3 Announcement, But Lots of Laughs
Harley Quinn's animated series on HBO Max is back for the first look at season 3 during the DC Fandome live stream Animation takes forever, as both Harley (Kaley Cuoco) and King Shark (Ron Funches) lament in their introduction to the sneak peek at season 3 It's still unfinished, but even in its sketchy current[...]
HBO Max announced today at DC FanDome that the Max Original series Titans has been renewed for a fourth season and revealed a first look at the season three finale ahead of its debut this Thursday, October 21- here's a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9c9MLZkZwYVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Titans | Season 3 Finale Sneak Peak[...]
XM Studios Takes to the Streets with New Batman Batcycle Statue
XM Studios keeps sharing some love for DC Comics as they have another DC Fandome reveal with a another 1:4 scale statue Coming out of the hit comic series Batman: Curse of the White Knight, the Caped Crusader takes to the streets with his new Batcycle The White Knight comics come to life with an[...]
DC Fandome: Milstone Animated Film On The Way
DC Fandome is in full swing, and one of the centerpieces of the show so far was how far they plan on expanding out the Milestone universe Part of the announcement is that there will be a Milestone animated film from writer Brandon Thomas The film will star multiple Milestone characters such as Static Shock,[...]
DC Changes Superman's Motto To "Truth Justice And A Better Tomorrow"
At DC Fandome, Jim Lee, Publisher and CCO of DC Comics announced Superman news, that the upcoming Action Comics story launching this week with Clark Kent heading to Warworld would be a bigger story even than the classic Death of Superman twenty-five years ago Confirmed that his son, Jonathan Kent, becoming the Superman of Earth,[...]
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Reveals New Artwork
WB Games showed off a brand new trailer during DC FanDome as we get a better look at their upcoming game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League No more are we getting weird teasers that don't really show anything, this is a good three minutes of seeing what the team has in store for this[...]
In case you hadn't heard, today's October 16th which means that it's time for DC FanDome With James Gunn & John Cena hyping that their "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series Peacemaker would have a strong presence at the global fan event So did the duo live up to their hype? Well, how does a preview[...]
DC Comics Announce Return Of Blood Syndicate In 2022, At DC Fandome
At DC Fandome, Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan announced the return of Blood Syndicate in 2022 from DC Comics and Milestone Media with a new series and a lot of silhouettes on the cover, as Milestone Media returns in its second year of new comic book stories and the promise of crossovers to come.  Blood Syndicate  Blood[...]
DC Comics Announces Super-Pets Video Game At DC Fandome
Here was the big DC FanDome reveal trailer… Releasing in 2022, the DC League Of Super-Pets video game will put players in the paws of Super-Pets Krypto the Super-Dog and Ace as they take to the skies to protect the animal population of Metropolis from a new and looming threat Fly over the city skylines as[...]
Red Hood Joins XM Studios Batman Samurai Statue Line for DC Fandome
DC Fandome is here, and that means a day full of some incredible DC Comics news, trailers, reveals, and comics XM Studios is kicking off some of the DC Fandoms reveals as they reveal their newest DC Comics statue Coming out of their original Batman Samurai line, Red Hood is taking on the ways of[...]
DC's Milestone Initiative Recruits Black & Underrepresented Creators
As part of the upcoming DC Fandome event, DC Comics is using the Milestone Media brand created by Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek T Dingle, to launch a new Milestone Initiative to serve "Black and underrepresented" comic book creators, to work with DC Comics, as part of their new talent development programme[...]
DC Comics Bring The Fan Service To Robins For DC Fandome
As an unknown assailant claims to have been the first Robin, the flock of Robins must figure out who she is, and what it means to be a Robin." DC Comics Bring The Fanservice To Robins For DC Fandome And ahead of DC Fandome, DC Comics have given a certain element of that fandom just what they[...]
The Batman: Posters for Batman and Riddler Debut Ahead of DC FanDome
The Batman director Matt Reeves is keeping the hype up for the new trailer that is dropping during DC FanDome tomorrow The movie got its first look during last year's FanDome, and now that the release date is less than six months away, it makes sense that they would be pushing this movie in particular hard[...]
With global fan event DC FanDome less than 48-hours away, one of the events we're looking forward to is the tribute to The CW's Melissa Benoist-starring Supergirl, ending its run next month after six impactful seasons During the special, the cast gets the opportunity to reflect back on what the show and the fans meant[...]
But with the series set to premiere on HBO Max in January 2022 and a major role expected at DC FanDome next Saturday, the global fan event has invited Gunn and Cena to give fans a little background on the shady soldier for "peace." Image: Screencap So for how the upcoming series will build upon what we've[...]
Supergirl: DC FanDome Releases Farewell Tribute Clip; S06E15 Preview
The focus of next week's DC FanDome (set for Saturday, October 16th) is to highlight the best & brightest creative minds and projects coming out of the DC Comics universe But the global fan event will also be taking a moment to honor The CW's Supergirl as it nears the end of its Arrowverse run[...]
Young Justice: Phantoms
But with only a week to go until DC FanDome, things are starting to get serious How serious? How about some very cool key art for the series return via the official HBO Max Twitter account Included with the tweet promoting the global fan event was new key art showcasing Aquaman (formerly Aqualad), Tigress (Artemis),[...]
Now with less than two weeks to go until DC FanDome (where the series is set to play a major role), a new trailer for the global fan event is offering some additional looks at the show's main man spending some quality time with Freddie Stroma's (Bridgerton) Adrian Chase aka Vigilante (based on the look[...]