Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1 E03 Challenges Dessert Detectives Skills

This week, we're back in Fox's Crime Scene Kitchen with the first group of dessert detectives, which consists of Vegas pastry pros Luis & Natalie, culinary school friends Thuy-Linh Jay, military vets turned pastry chefs Erinn & Amanda, and of course, the two Mother-child teams: Caroline & Carolyn and Thomas & Cathy. They join regular judges Yolanda Gampp, Curtis Stone, and host Joel McHale along with special guest judge Cheryl Hines to solve the mystery kitchen whodunnit.

The dessert round gave some crucial clues many teams overlooked; all teams got the lemon meringue flavor correct, though three were thrown by the unused tart tin setting out and made lemon meringue tarts. Both Thomas & Cathy and Luis & Natalie correctly made lemon meringue eclairs, owing to the choux pastry dough in the piping bag and mixing bowl. Luis & Natalie won the round and the extra clue in for the next challenge.

Crime Scene Kitchen season 1 episode 3 Challenges Dessert Detectives

For the showpiece round, bakers were given a lot of clues for a cake with many components – marzipan, royal icing and a template, whipped cream and gelatin, cake batter, and raspberries. Together, they are the ingredients of a traditional Swedish princess cake, or Prinsesstårta: a sponge cake filled with raspberry jam and pastry cream, stabilized whipped cream on top, and all covered in thin pale green marzipan with royal icing piping and a rose on top.

Four of the five teams this week made a princess cake, though Luis & Natalie's princess cake was the judges' favorite yet again; it was neat, precise, and delicious. Thomas & Cathy continued their correct mystery kitchen guesses this week and are now four for four; Erinn & Amanda redeemed themselves from the lemon chiffon pie disaster of last time, and Thuy-Linh & Jay also redeemed themselves after being the only surviving team to get the last showpiece wrong.

Crime Scene Kitchen season 1 episode 3 Challenges Dessert Detectives

Sadly, it was not the week for Caroline & Carolyn as they ended up making a sweet soupy lemon tart in the first round and they were the only team to not make a princess cake in the main challenge. Though their Victoria sponge was delicious (and reminiscent of Great British Bake Off), it was not correct and thus sent them home leaving four teams going forward in the competition. Crime Scene Kitchen is back on Fox next Wednesday as the other group of dessert detectives tests their baking mettle.

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