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"Outlander" Season 5 "Free Will": Marsali Has A Question for Claire [PREVIEW]

The fifth season of STARZ's Outlander already feels like we're heading towards the season finale – probably one of the best compliments we can give a series that's heading into only the third episode of its 12-episode season, "Free Will". We think most fans would agree: they've had a lot thrown at them in only two […]

"New Amsterdam" Season 2 "In the Graveyard": Change of Heart & Mind? [PREVIEW]

We've been saying all season long that one of the reasons why NBC's New Amsterdam works so well (and why it was given a sweet three-season upgrade) was its ability to expand the storyline spotlight to include the entire emsemble cast while not losing sight of Max's (Ryan Eggold) personal and professional struggles. Did we […]

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"The Outsider": Stephen King, Cynthia Erivo & More Dissect Episodes 3 & 4 [VIDEO]

As the "Stephen King-ification" of the world rolls along to our total and utter liking, HBO's adaptation of the author's bestselling supernatural novel The Outsider finally reached its January 12, 2020, premiere date – and what a two-episode premiere ("Fish in a Barrel"/"Roanoke") it was! But third episode "Dark Uncle" was the one we were […]