Dave Bautista is Praying that Texas Turns Blue

Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar is praying for Texas to turn blue. In politics, not temperature. The Animal took to Twitter to blast Texas Senator Ted Cruz for taking a vacation to Cancun, Mexico, just as his constituents are dealing with dangerous weather conditions that have left Texans without power and other utilities amidst freezing cold temperatures. But while Bautista doesn't have much faith that even this blatantly self-serving and cowardly behavior with Cruz will have any effect on his supporters, he's still praying that Texas does turn blue and vote Cruz out.

Dave Bautista has no love for Texas Senator Ted Cruz
Dave Bautista has no love for Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

"His supporters will still vote for him," Bautista predicted of Cruz after retweeting several tweets criticizing the Senator for fleeing Texas like a proverbial scalded dog. "He'll say some stupid hateful shit and spout off a few generic labels like 'radical left' or 'Antifa terrorists' and they'll vote for him again. That simple."

One Texas resident responded to tell Bautista that many Texans do vote blue, particularly in big cities. But voter suppression efforts often give red counties more leverage. However, the Texan appeared optimistic that if Georgia can turn blue, so can Texas. Bautista responded: "I can't stress how hard I'll be praying for this. Texas deserves better. The US deserves better."

Unlike Ted Cruz, who can just hop on a plane and fly to Mexico whenever things get tough, some of us don't have that luxury. For example, we have personally been trapped in the basement of Bleeding Cool headquarters for months, not because of bad weather, but because Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief Kaitlyn Booth has been holding us, prisoner, here and forcing us to churn out a nonstop supply of clickbait articles based on Dave Bautista's tweets. Fortunately, The Animal seems more than capable of providing us with all of the clickbait material we need. [Editor's Note: And it's good for you that he does provide this material. I would hate to see what would happen if your output suddenly slowed, Jude.]

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