Deadly Draw: AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament Night 2 Results

Remember when we only had to watch three hours of wrestling on Mondays? Well, for the month of August, we get a little something extra with AEW's Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament, The Deadly Draw. There were two quarter-final matches last week, with Tay Conti and Anna Jay moving on to the next round along with the Nightmare Sisters. Tonight, we'll presumably have the final two quarter-final matches, with the semi-finals starting next week.

The Brackets for the AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament at the start of the second night.
The Brackets for the AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament at the start of the second night.

AEW Deadly Draw Night 2 Report

Dasha is backstage with Big Swole, ready for her to draw her color to determine her partner. Those are the rules – a random draw of colors determines the teams. Swole draws Lil' Swole as a partner. She sings happy birthday to Big Swole, and they bump chests and head to the ring. In a video from earlier today, Leva Bates was teamed with Raché Chanel. They'll be facing each other.

Leva Bates and Raché vs. Big Swole and Lil' Swole

Shaul Guerrero introduces the competitors, who make their entrances. Chanel and Bates come out first. Bates has Peter Avalon with her. She gives Chanel a book as a gift. How nice. The Swoles come out next. I have to be honest – I had no idea there even was a Lil' Swole, though I guess it makes sense, if you're going to have a Big Swole, you've got to have a Lil' Swole as well.

I'm trying to be less wordy with these recaps. The show is on YouTube, so if you wanted to know a blow-by-blow account of the match, you'd just watch it. So I'll just give you the bullet points.

  • Bates and Chanel have some issues working as a team from the start.
  • Peter Avalon, for some reason, is wearing a bathrobe.
  • Tony, at one point, refers to the Swoles as big and little "sisters," then quickly adds, "if I can use that vernacular," hoping not to Excalibur himself.
  • This match feels a lot more fluid than either of the matches last week.
  • Lil' Swole ends up in the role of face in peril.
  • Chanel blows it, allowing Big Swole to get the hot tag.
  • The Swoles win, with Big Swole getting the pin on Bates after a kick/headbutt/neckbreaker combo.
  • This was a very solid match.

Winners: Big Swole and Lil' Swole

The Swoles celebrate with dancing after the match. Then we see another promo for AEW Heels. Brandi Rhodes quit Twitter last week after a bunch of people gave her abuse for this concept, with the idea that charging an annual fee for an AEW fan club for women is insulting and problematic. But it's worth thinking about the fact that charging money is a good way to weed out a lot of trolls.

Up next, Ivelisse is ready to draw a partner backstage with Dasha. She draws Diamante as her partner. Then we see another video from earlier. Madusa shows up and tells Dasha it's her turn to draw. That's right, Dasha is wrestling tonight. She draws… and gets Rachel Ellering!

Dasha and Rachel Ellering vs. Ivelisse and Diamante

Ellering comes out first, followed by Dasha. Then Ivelisse comes out, and finally, Diamante. The announcers play up the friendship between Ellering and Dasha. The announcers play up Dasha's lack of experience, but she recently did well on that competition show with The Rock, Titan Games. Of course, they also play up Ellering's pedigree.

Again, the bullet points:

  • Dasha hits some athletic, if a little awkward, moves in the match.
  • Tony brings up Titan Games multiple times during the match, looking for some of that Rock bump.
  • Despite her athleticism, Dasha ends up the face in peril before long.
  • Ivelisse and Diamante carry most of this match. They're great additions to AEW.
  • Ellering finally gets the hot tag and shows off her stuff…
  • …but she soon tags Dasha back in, which proves to be a fatal mistake.
  • Ivelisse gets the pinfall on Dasha with a destroyer.

Winners: Ivelisse and Diamante

Alex Marvez is backstage after the match, interviewing the Swoles. They explain how to spell "Lil'" to Marvez and talk about their friendship. Marvez then interviews Dasha. Dasha calls the match the experience of a lifetime. It was a loss, but she views it as a starting point. She hopes for another opportunity in the future, and she's grateful to AEW for the opportunity. Marvez talks to Ivelisse and Diamante. Ivelisse says she and Diamante had a rocky start in the beginning, but they respect each other. Diamante puts the AEW women's division on notice.

And that's it. I think this show went smoother than the first one. Next week, it's the semi-finals. I've gotta go get ready for Raw.

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