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Disney Loss/DeSantis Win Could End Up Being DeSantis Loss/Trump Win

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis scored a legal win over Disney today - one that could end up being a huge political win for Donald Trump.

As 2024 Presidential Candidate, Future Donald Trump endorser & Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis continues stumbling his way through the early days of what's sure to be a painfully tragic presidential campaign, it would appear that DeSantis has scored himself a legal victory against Disney – or did he? Last month, we learned of DeSantis' Attorney General's efforts to have Chief Judge Mark E. Walker removed from the pending legal case between Disney & DeSantis (more on that here) due to past comments in a previous case involving DeSantis (but not Disney) that included referring to the concept of "woke" as the "boogeyman of the day." Unfortunately, Judge Walker has decided to recuse himself from the case, writing that "maintaining public trust in the judiciary is paramount, perhaps now more than ever in the history of our Republic." The judge made the decision in light of a member of his extended family owning stock in The Walt Disney Company – a fact that "could be substantially affected by the outcome of this case."

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Objectively speaking – though I'd rather beat myself to death with my own laptop than write this – that's a win for DeSantis. AND YET… here's the bigger problem that DeSantis might just be facing. See, when Walker recused himself from the case? Well, it turns out that case landed in the lap of U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor. Why does that matter? Because Judge Winsor is a Trump appointee – and guess who DeSantis is going to have to go up against to be the GOP's nominee for POTUS? And guess who's been getting into semi-regular series of in-public pissing contests with Trump? If this was a streaming series about dirty politics and not the real world, it would be a huge benefit for Trump if he made sure that DeSantis "lost" to Disney in a very public way. Because losing a public battle with Disney would definitely be a POTUS campaign-killer – and Trump would be left with the satisfaction of knowing that DeSantis would know that it was all Trump's doing.

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