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On one hand, The Walt Disney Company's counterclaim could be seen as a direct response to Florida's Gov Ron DeSantis-appointed Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board filing for a summary judgment against Disney On the other hand, it could also be The Mouse's response to DeSantis "advising" Disney CEO Bob Iger to drop their lawsuit, telling[...]
FTR are victorious on AEW Dynamite
Cash Wheeler, one-half of the current AEW Tag Team Champions FTR alongside Dax Harwood, has been arrested in Florida for aggravated assault with a firearm The Orlando Sentinel reported the news, noting that Wheeler "was arrested Friday morning by the Orlando Police Department and charged with one count of aggravated assault with a firearm He[...]
But it's another thing to be Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, who seems t have taken a much more active role in his campaign's demise That means it's time for… The Scoreboard! So far, he's trailing a dude who might very well end up going to prison badly when it comes to locking in the GOP nomination for[...]
It's not a really great time to be Florida Gov Ron DeSantis You're getting the collective crap beaten out of you by a dude who might very well end up going to prison You're having to slash the size and scope of your campaign as you struggle to maintain a double-digit slice of the GOP[...]
Now, Iger is returning to a topic that's been of particular interest to us – imploding 2024 GOP POTUS candidate & Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis. Image: South Park Screencap/PBS News House YouTube Screencap During the interview, Iger pushed back on DeSantis's claim (per The New York Times) that Disney "really embraced the idea of getting the sexualized[...]
As much as I continue to enjoy joking about Florida Gov Ron DeSantis being Donald Trump's living, breathing punching bag – tell me where I'm lying An NBC News poll has him dropping nine percentage points among Republican primary voters between April and the end of June (from 31% to 22%) Meanwhile, the dude who[...]
peaky blinders
Stumbling from one awkward campaign situation to the next, 2024 POTUS Republican Candidate & Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can now add the team behind British crime drama Peaky Blinders to the ever-growing list of those preferring to not be associated with DeSantis – 50-foot pole aside It all began on Friday when a video from[...]
While 2024 GOP POTUS nominee, Donald Trump's stepping stool & Florida Governor Ron DeSantis awaits word on whether or not his motion to have The Walt Disney Company's lawsuit dismissed will be given a green light, it looks like (surprise! surprise!) both parties have very different timelines on when the trial should get underway For[...]
Ike Perlmutter Moves Next Door to Sean Hannity in Florida's Palm Beach
And it happens to be just next door to that of Fox News' Sean Hannity on the South End of Palm Beach's private estate in Florida. Screencaps of Ike Perlmutter on CBS, Sen Hannity with his Trump bootleg Punisher pin on Fox. Ike Perlmutter was notoriously camera-and-journalist shy However, after Ike and his wife Laura Perlmutter became[...]
If you're 2024 GOP POTUS nominee, Donald Trump's favored punching bag & Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, you're looking for some kind of legal in – even if it's just getting out of a parking ticket Only days after Judge Gregory A Presnell of the Federal District Court in Orlando issued a preliminary injunction blocking the[...]
The TF Comic Con In Florida Reverses Trans Cosplay Ban
TF Con is the Transformers Comic Con set to be held in Orlando, Florida on the weekend of the 20th to the 22nd of October, 2023 It is expected that Robert Kirkman, Daniel Warren Johnson and Skybound may be turning up to promote the launch of the new Transformers comic book line being published by[...]
If you caught our coverage on Monday night, then you know that there's been a bit of mystery surrounding Florida Governor & 2024 GOP POTUS nominee Ron DeSantis and Showtime's fourth season of the newsmagazine Vice Last week, Vice was set to air "The Gitmo Candidate & Chipping Away," which (according to the official overview[...]
Orlando, Florida Gets OAX, a Comic Con for Original Artwork
"What If Lake Como Comic Art Festival was in Florida?" seems to be the thinking behind OAX, being held in Florida in January 2024 A comic con for comic book artwork, with 60 artist guests, 300-500 art collector attendees and… that's it From the convention website: The 1st Annual Original Arts Expo (OAX) is being held[...]
Presidential Campaign with Elon Musk on Twitter Spaces to wonderfully hysterical results that left Twitter folks debating who it made look worse? Check! Have to deal with the reportedly unexpected resignation of GOP cheerleader/Disney lawsuit co-defendant Michael Sasso from your Central Florida Tourism Oversight District's Board of Supervisors? Check! Have 72-96 hours that were so[...]
Auto Draft
Taking a break from attacking "The Most Magical Place on Earth" to spend a little quality time on "The Most Soulless Place Online," Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, aka what Mark Holton's Francis Buxton (Pee Wee Herman's man-child nemesis in 1985's Pee-wee's Big Adventure) would look like if he grew up with privilege & unchecked power, visited[...]
On Thursday, in a move that appeared to be a demonstration of the point that The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger was trying to make when he asked if Florida Gov Ron DeSantis remembered who the biggest taxpayer is in his fiefdom, Parks and Resorts head Josh D'Amaro sent out a message to Disney[...]
More often than not, they end up whining about how unfair everything is and how they're the "poor victim." We're seeing this play out in a metaphorical way today, as the growing war between CEO Bob Iger's The Walt Disney Company and that little despot, Ron DeSantis, begins to hurt Florida in a big way[...]
A day after The Walt Disney Company amended its lawsuit against Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, accusing the governor of retaliatory practices and infringing upon "The Mouse's" First Amendment rights (you can get caught up on all of our coverage here), Disney CEO Bob Iger didn't hold back when it came to taking on DeSantis during[...]
Remember how Florida Gov Ron DeSantis' interview/2024 infomercial with "News"max from over the weekend, where he was claiming some kind of victory over Disney – and doing a pretty decent job blurring the lines between retaliating against "The Mouse" for opposing the state's "Don't Say Gay" hate bill and his legislative attempts to undercut the[...]
While the legal matter between Florida Gov Ron DeSantis & his lackeys and Disney over the latter showing the former why you shouldn't bring a metaphorical spork to a metaphorical knife fight, "Ronnie D" is taking a timeout to remove his head from his assumed sandbox to try to rewrite current history Now, if you're[...]
Yesterday, The Walt Disney Company took off the four-fingered gloves and filed a lawsuit against the Florida Governor alleging that he has "orchestrated" what the company describes as "a targeted campaign of government retaliation" meant "as punishment for Disney's protected speech" that "now threatens Disney's business operations, jeopardizes its economic future in the region, and[...]
Well, it looks like The Walt Disney Company is taking off its four-fingered white gloves and looking to fight back against Florida Gov Ron DeSantis But this time, it won't be in the press It's going to be in court with a federal lawsuit alleging that DeSantis has waged "a targeted campaign of government retaliation—orchestrated[...]
Three Comic Stores Closed In December - But One Opened
It has been a joy serving our community and until next time… I will see you in the Multiverse." Kingdom Of Comics in Melbourne, Florida has also just closed its doors, posting the news "We regret to inform you all that we will be permanently closing our doors on December 24°" This has not been an[...]
Coliseum Of Comics Aquires Florida's Friendly Local Game Store Chain
The Florida comic book chain Coliseum Of Comics has acquired the Florida chain of Friendly Local Game Store or FLGS The combined company will sadly however not be known as COCFLGS which sounds like the kind of thing police in Florida arrest comic book stores for selling The three stores joining the new chain are: Friendly[...]
Scout Comics Suspends Operations Over Hurricane Ian
Florida comic book publisher Scout Comics tweeted about their own operations, as well as about local comic book printers, Comic Impressions, as they have been hit in recent days by Hurricane Ian. As many of you may know, Scout HQ is located in Ft Myers, Florida, and was directly in the path of Hurricane Ian as[...]
Coliseum Of Comics Opens Tenth Store, In Southeast Orlando
Florida-based comic book store chain Coliseum Of Comics is opening a new store next week, on Saturday, the 17th of September, in the Shoppes At Eastwood plaza in Southeast Orlando This marks the chain's tenth store, and the third in Orlando "We love the area – several of our team members live nearby and frequent[...]
Attend The Free CGC Comics Academy, Maybe Come Out An Official Grader
Held in Tampa, Florida, at the Embassy Suites Tampa Downtown Convention Center attendees will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation However, a limited number of travel/accommodation scholarships will be available. The CGC Comics Academy syllabus includes Comic Grading 101, History of Comic Book Grading, the CGC Process, Live Grading Demos and more At the[...]
Florida Polk County Schools Pull Raina Telgemeier's Drama From Shelves
Polk County in Florida is the latest to be subject to banning of the critically acclaimed bestselling graphic novels from schools, part of a series of such exclusions in recent years that Bleeding Cool has covered Polk County Public Schools Superintendent Frederick Heid has asked middle and high school librarians to remove 16 books from[...]