Doctor Who: 5 Matt Smith Moments That Had Us Yelling, "Geronimo!"

While Christopher Eccleston will always be my Doctor since he was my "first" with the show, Matt Smith will forever be my favorite Doctor so far. Not only did he take Amy (Karen Gillan) on a ride to meet my favorite artist (Vincent Van Gogh) and made him see how meaningful his life and work would be in the future, but also gave one of the best and most heartfelt speeches out of all the other Doctors I've seen since. I cannot count the number of times Smith's Doctor made me cry with both the words from the Doctor Who writers and Smith's powerful delivery.

Doctor Who
Matt Smith in Doctor Who (Image: BBC Studios)

Since Smith's run is heavily identified by its "feels" moments and dramatic speeches, I figured why not pull out those moments that stuck out the most to me. Confession? It was a little hard to do so considering there are a ton of really great moments, at least one in nearly every one of his adventures. Even with "The Eleventh Hour," his run started by him scaring off the Atraxi by pretty much confessing to them he was the reason why all enemies in the past had escaped Earth and urging them to just run. With Eccleston and Tennant we ran a lot, but Smith came at the role with some anger issues he needed to face straight on, and he did more often than not.

"Vincent and the Doctor": This is one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who. Not only is Van Gogh (Tony Curran) one of my favorite artists, but I was also impressed with how mental illness was addressed. I also appreciated how The Doctor managed to show Van Gogh how special he was that was even remembered in the future. He even took the artist to the Museum so he could hear the curator speak about him and his importance in art.

"The Rings of Akhaten": I have rewatched this episode a million times, and whenever I start wondering why I love it so much The Doctor gives his speech to the sun-creature thingy. It was so raw and humble, and each time it is simply impossible to not tear up for a righteous sobfest.

"The Doctor's Wife": In this episode, The Doctor gets to be face-to-face with his TARDIS. It was beautifully written and even more so to finally get to see The Doctor call her "Sexy" and "Idris" aka TARDIS (Suranne Jones) finally getting her chance to say to him "Hello Doctor."

"The Time of The Doctor": One of Smith's best episodes, before regenerating he gets to talk to Clara (Jenna Coleman) to remind her that change is part of life and, as long as you remember who you were, there is nothing really bad about t. However, Smith always has a way of bringing tears to my eyes as he tells Clara that he will forever remember who he was in that regeneration. It was heartbreaking and very bitter-sweet.

"The Pandorica Opens": In this episode, The Doctor saves Stonehenge pretty much the same way he saved the world from the Atraxi. He reminded each of his enemies of who he was and how they beat him before, then he invited them to try again and promised he would once again win. Total big-d*ck energy right there. They did not even put off a fight and left the same way they came from.