Doctor Who: Neil Gaiman Schools Any Dalek "Gatekeepers" Out There

If we're being completely honest, our coverage of Doctor Who has pretty much been a mixed bag of topics. On the plus side, there's the West End production of Doctor Who: Time Fracture starting up previews this month for a summer run- with the immersive experience including each of the Doctors represented and more. On top of that, we have Christopher Eccleston returning as the Ninth Doctor for a series of Big Finish Productions audio dramas (and believing "it's high time" for a cyberwoman, too).

Doctor Who
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On the "not good" side, we had John Barrowman being pulled from Time Fracture and from an upcoming Big Finish audio drama reunion with David Tennant's Doctor over resurfaced allegations of inappropriate behavior on set- which stemmed from inappropriate behavior allegations made public about Doctor Who actor Noel Clarke. And in the midst of all this, a shortened Series 13 is currently underway- with Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole gone and rumors buzzing that Mandip Gill's Yaz, Jodie Whittaker's Doctor, and showrunner Chris Chibnall are exiting after the upcoming series.

So when we come upon a story on Twitter where author Neil Gaiman offers his expertise in all things "Whovian" to defend a Dalek-cosplaying 18-month-old and shutdown some wannabe-gatekeepers. As you'll see in Gaiman's retweet-with-comment below, a parent shared an image of their son embracing cosplay at a young age via a Dalek. Of course, with social media being social media? Some self-proclaimed "expert" hit the parent up in DM and chastised them because… wait for it… their 18-month-old son wasn't pulling off an accurate portrayal.

doctor who
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Once the story hit Twitter, waves of love and support arrived from across time and space- as did some wonderful pushback on the individual who apparently gets their rocks off s***-talking less-than-two-year-olds. Thankfully, Gaiman caught notice of the parent's story and retweeted the thread- and also set the record straight on who gets to call themselves a Dalek. "True Doctor Who Fans know you can hold the whisk in either hand. As long as you remember to say 'Exterminate' or something vaguely like it, you are a real Dalek." We're hoping Gaiman would give us extra points when we were younger for using a whisk and a toilet plunger? Here's a look at Gaiman's tweet from earlier today:

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