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The Daleks, will look under new management? And is that "someone" none other than… "Mr Twitter" Elon Musk? Actually? No But when Musk tweeted an image from Starbase of some rocket engines, there was no way we could look at it and not think that we were viewing an early prototype of what would become[...]
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And who do we have to thank for it? Why none other than… Sesame Street?! Consider our official "WE'RE JUST HAVING FUN SO THIS ISN'T REALLY A 'SPOILERS WARNING'" sign on and our official not-really-a-spoiler spoiler image buffer in place, and we'll show you what we're talking about… Image: Sesame Street Workshop Should we really be surprised?[...]
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After the credits rolled on the New Year's Day special "Eve of the Daleks," Doctor Who fans learned what the next adventure would be for The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Yaz (Mandip Gill), and Dan (John Bishop), with "Legend of the Sea Devils" featuring the return of one of the Doctor's classic monster this Spring[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Eve Of The Daleks, The Doctor And Yaz
I have just seen Doctor Who: Eve Of The Daleks There are thoughts to be had and to be shared And yes, spoilers, obviously That's the way things work… 1 Every Planet's Got A North The TARDIS never lands where and when it is meant to Never The Cloister Bell sounds as the TARDIS cracks[...]
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Then we went back in time with John Bishop aka Dan as he shared his video diary from the final episode of Doctor Who: Flux, "The Vanquishers." Now, we're going back to the future… in this case, the more immediate future and the upcoming New Year's Day special "Eve of the Daleks." The Doctor (Jodie[...]
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With only a little more than three weeks to go until the first of star Jodie Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall's final three feature-length special episodes hits our screens, viewers are learning a bit more about what they can expect from the New Year's Day special "Eve of the Daleks." Previously, we learned that Aisling[...]
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Because that's when the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Yaz (Mandip Gill), and Dan (John Bishop) return with the first of Whittaker's final three adventures, "Eve of the Daleks." Team TARDIS finds themselves trapped in ELF storage & stuck in a time loop with two unsuspecting humans Will the gang manage to avoid extermination and escape the[...]
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Based on the long-running BBC sci-fi series and stemming from Immersive Everywhere, Doctor Who: Time Fracture will span seventeen worlds with a company of 80-plus, utilizing original costumes and props used in a number of Doctor Who episodes- including Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords, and more Doctor Who: Time Fracture is written by Daniel Dingsdale with[...]
Russell T Davies Filmed New Doctor Who Dalek Scenes For "It's A Sin"
Queer As Folk especially had a lead character obsessed with the show, to the extent that rattling off the actors who had played the lead became a seduction technique, including the classic refrain "Paul McGann doesn't count". Which is how, in the 80s-set drama It's A Sin due to air on Channel 4 in ten days,[...]
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And to think something beyond that, I can't put my head there, and I don't want to." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIAIaMn0rxIVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Saying Goodbye to Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole | Revolution of the Daleks | Doctor Who (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIAIaMn0rxI) Chibnall and the team are already hard at work on Series 13 production, revealing last[...]
Doctor Who Cast & Crew Share Goodbyes to Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole
As we mentioned in our previous post, Doctor Who Festive "Revolution of the Daleks" saw the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Yaz (Mandip Gill), Graham (Bradley Walsh), and Ryan (Tosin Cole) saving the Earth from the Doctor's arch-enemies- but the status quo on board the TARDIS was changed forever as the show looks[...]
Doctor Who "Revolution of the Daleks" offers behind-the-scenes look. (Image: BBC screencap)
By now, a large chunk of the Doctor Who universe has witnessed the "Revolution of the Daleks" and the fallout from it leading into the currently-in-production Series 13 (more on that below) But because it's been less than 24-hours, we'll tread lightly so we can avoid having to turn on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign[...]