Drew McIntyre Explains How Dirt Sheets Started His Wrestling Career

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will face Randy Orton at SummerSlam tomorrow, defending his championship in the main event of a PPV with the tagline "you'll never see it coming." The chances of a screwjob ending that costs McIntyre the title are high. But while he's still champion, perhaps now at the peak of his popularity, McIntyre has decided to write down his life story.

A scene from WWE Monday Night Raw 6/22/20 featuring Drew McIntyre
A scene from WWE Monday Night Raw 6/22/20 featuring Drew McIntyre

But unlike one of those long wrestling autobiographies with lots of pages that's all hard to read and stuff, McIntyre summed up his story in an online article on The Player's Tribune, a platform that allows professional athletes to dabble in the world of online journalism. It's no surprise McIntyre would go that route, according to his autobio. McIntyre got his start in wrestling… by reading dirt sheets! After his parents refused to let him begin training at 11 years old, McIntyre decided to learn about pro wrestling by reading.

"The first thing I did was buy some proper magazines," McIntyre said in the article. "No, not the mainstream wrestle mags. Come on — I'd already devoured each of those. Instead, I saved up some pocket money and splurged for the good stuff. The insider stuff. The mags that went deeper than the storylines on TV, and 'revealed' the 'inner-workings' of the business. The ones that gave you all the 'backstage' drama."

"OK now these people were speaking my language — and I was intoxicated with every word of it, to be honest," McIntyre continued. "Anyone reading this who loves wrestling, I'm sure they can relate. When your brain first grabs hold of that "secret" vocabulary…. it's just unlike anything else in the world. It's like suddenly you're a member of this club. This highly exclusive, underground club, that no one else knows about."

"I basically became an addict, you know what I mean??" he concluded. Yeah. We know.

In the article, McIntyre goes through his entire career, as well as his childhood, though the timeline jumps around a bit. He's an artist, after all, whether in the ring or on the page. Read the whole thing here.

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