Early Impact Twitch Viewership Up Significantly for AEW Crossover

Those of us in the comic book community are well aware of the readership/viewership drawing power of a good old fashioned crossover event, but the early numbers for Impact Wrestling tonight may shock wrestling fans. Impact, which draws 2-4 thousand viewers on Twitch on a good night (anecdotally from this reporter's observation while watching it the last few months), is currently pushing 40,000 viewers for the live broadcast of Impact Wrestling on Twitch today. That's where the numbers have been at for the first half-hour of the show, even though anyone who's ever watched wrestling before knows damn well Impact is going to hold off on the Kenny Omega interview until the end of the show.

Kenny Omega will make his first appearance as AEW Champion not on Dynamite, but on Impact Wrestling
Kenny Omega will make his first appearance as AEW Champion not on Dynamite, but on Impact Wrestling.

The interview with Omega is the reason Impact's Twitch viewership is up and the reason why television ratings seem extremely likely to be up as well. This will be the first time Omega speaks since winning the AEW Championship from an until-then-undefeated Jon Moxley. Omega had a little help from Impact's Don Callis, who passed him a microphone to use on Moxley, breaking his own proposed gentleman's agreement not to use weapons during the match.

The company even bragged on Twitter about trending at number three on Twitch. The channel is in the top five on Twitch right now and has doubled Impact's all-time record on the platform.

In addition to an elevated Twitch viewership, Impact is also trending high on Twitter. "#IMPACTonAXSTV" is currently the number two trend in the United States, ten places ahead of AEW Dark. As excitement builds for the Omega interview, we could even see viewership increase near the end of the show. How this angle will work out, in the long run, is unknown, but in the short term, it does appear to have put a lot of new eyes on Impact Wrestling tonight.

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