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Euphoria Season 3 Filming Delay Reportedly Due to Rumored Time Jump

Reports are that filming on the third season of HBO & Sam Levinson's Zendaya-starring Euphoria is due to mapping out an expected time jump.

Article Summary

  • Euphoria Season 3 filming delayed, with a potential significant time jump from high school.
  • HBO and Sam Levinson are reportedly dealing with series rewriting and planning.
  • Colman Domingo speaks on Sam Levinson's commitment to addressing current societal issues.
  • Domingo defends the rigorous work ethic required on set, praising Levinson's support.

Earlier today, the news came down that filming on the third season of Sam Levinson's Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney & Colman Domingo-starring Euphoria had been delayed. "HBO and Sam Levinson remain committed to making an exceptional third season. In the interim, we are allowing our in-demand cast to pursue other opportunities," shared an HBO spokesperson in a statement earlier today, also looking to push back on rumblings that the series wouldn't be returning.

Through sources, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the delay is due to a previously rumored time jump that will take the characters out of their high school setting. Apparently, the network and Levinson are still mapping out where and how far into the future the season will be set. As a result of the changes, the show's originally announced 2025 return is in doubt – in addition, the number of episodes still isn't clear.

Domingo – who plays Rue's (Zendaya) sponsor, Ali – recently offered insight into why the third season has taken so long (aside from the SAG-AFTRA & WGA strikes). "[Sam Levinson is] a person who writes and rewrites and writes and rewrites again because I think he's wrestling with what's important. He's responding immediately to what the ills of the world are," Domingo shared during a recent GQ profile/interview. "I know that the one thing I can tell you is that he's very much interested in the existential question of who we are right now. Our souls. That's what he wants to figure out with season three."


Euphoria: Colman Domingo Defends Levinson: "Advocate for His Actors"

Domingo previously discussed the award-winning HBO series and addressed whether Levinson's creative process & filming schedule were hurting the set during a late November 2023 interview with The Independent in support of his Netflix film Rustin. "No. Not one bit. I'm not gonna invalidate [anyone's] experience. But working in television is long hours. Sometimes you work up to 14 hours a day. And then you have to go home and prep. You have to really live and work in a very methodical way. A lot of young actors may not be up for the task or have that same work ethic," Domingo responded when asked if he's experienced the kind of on-set difficulties that others have claimed.

"I've been in this business for 32 years. I know what hard work is," Domingo continued. "So when I heard those 'reports' [signals air quotes], I thought, 'where is this coming from? That's just a normal work day.' Be a professional." And Domingo's praise extends to Levinson himself, with the actor adding, "There's no one that's going to mistreat you on the set of 'Euphoria.' Sam Levinson is joyful and collaborative and could not be a bigger advocate for his actors." Now here's a look back at the tweet from the HBO series' official account from August 2022 (almost a lifetime ago, it feels at this point), confirming at the time that Zendaya would be spending some time behind the camera during the upcoming season:

Returning for the second season of Euphoria to join Zendaya were Hunter Schafer, Eric Dane, Angus Cloud, Jacob Elordi, Algee Smith, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, Barbie Ferreira, Maude Apatow, Javon Walton, Dominic Fike, Storm Reid, and Austin Abrams. Created and written by executive producer Levinson, the award-winning HBO series also has Ravi Nandan, Kevin Turen, Will Greenfield, Drake, Adel "Future" Nur, Zendaya, Hadas Mozes Lichtenstein, Ron Leshem, and Daphna Levin executive producing. Kenneth Yu is set to produce, with Ashley Levinson, Harrison Kreiss & Julio Perez set as co-producers. Produced in partnership with A24 and based on the Israeli series of the same name, which was created by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin from HOT.

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