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So listen, these horror shows are some of my favorites when it comes to the genre and television, but sadly they've been overlooked more than watched. I'm doing you a solid by letting you in on some great content here because some episodes from these short-lived or anthology-based shows are some of the scariest things I've watched. Horror comes in a wide variety, with film not being the only place it calls home. Below are five of my top choices for those overlooked horror gems, and because I have a lot of spooky love in my heart I'll mention a favorite episode for each one: Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From The Stories Of Stephen King, Fear Itself, Masters of Horror, Channel Zero & Electric Dreams.

Britt's TV Corner: 5 Overlooked Horror Miniseries Worth The Watch
"Eater" episode of Fear Itself. Source: NBC

"Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From The Stories Of Stephen King" (2006): You would have had me at the mention of Stephen King alone, but this series is one I actually own and have loved beyond the title itself. What was a 4-week event back in 2006 on TNT, the series had plenty of names in the credits to draw attention, but also interesting storylines, my favorite being "You Know They Got a Hell of a Band".

"Fear Itself" (2008): Like a weird memory in the back of your mind, this series never left me after I watched it when it came out. A variety of intense and terrifying stories were in this series' lineup, but one stuck with me and it was "Eater," the fifth episode.

"Masters of Horror" (2005-2007): Episodes done by some of the greatest horror directors make up this anthology series, such as Tobe Hooper, who made it their home. My favorite of the bunch would be "John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns", episode eight of season one.

"Channel Zero" (2016-2018): Creepypastas come to life in this series that had a short but incredible run on SyFy, with each season containing a different insane story or legend. My favorite season to start out of them all (which is so hard to say because they're all so good) would be Candle Cove.

"Electric Dreams" (2017): Based in sci-fi horrors and psychological thrills, this Philip K Dick-inspired series on Amazon was ahead of its time and deserves a lot more attention. My favorite of the stand-alone episodes would be the thought-provoking "Impossible Planet".

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