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Firefly: Nathan Fillion Would Work with Joss Whedon "In A Second"

In this week's episode of Michael Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast, none other than Nathan Fillion (The Rookie) stopped by to catch up with the podcast host and cover a ton of ground, from his career in a number of familiar series and aspects of his personal life to where he sees himself post-Hollywood. But for the sake of this update (you can check out the entire interview below), we're looking at a clip that was released where Fillion discusses the possibility of a Firefly return. Considering the streaming world we live in and how sequel series, reveals & reboots are all the craze, it would seem like a given… right? Not when you're talking about a show that was created by Joss Whedon, who has been in the spotlight since February 2021 after actress Charisma Carpenter and others from Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel went public with accusations of inappropriate behavior during production on those respective shows.

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In the following clip, Rosenbaum asks Fillion how it would feel about a Firefly return without Whedon involved. "Heartbreaking," the actor responds, followed by, "How can you?" From there, Fillion says he read the Whedon article as well as the reports surrounding the issues on Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel (which were chronicled in Evan Ross Katz's book, Into Every Generation a Slayer Is Born: How Buffy Staked Our Hearts). "That was not my experience with the man," Fillion responded. From there, Rosenbaum asked Fillion to describe the Whedon he knew: "funny," "self-deprecating," "incredibly talented," and "maybe a little haunted" were his responses before adding that he respected Whedon seeing himself as a "work in progress." As for working with Whedon again, whether it's on Firefly or another project, Fillion didn't hesitate, saying, "I would work with Joss [Whedon] again in a second," and then re-emphasized with, "I would work with him [Joss Whedon] in a second." From there, Fillion mentions that he and Whedon speak, with Fillion looking to choose his words wisely to not give out any misinformation or false hope. And then the clip wraps with Fillion discussing how it felt when the series got the ax so soon- check it out here:

Along with deeply adored geek classics Firefly and Castle, Fillion also discusses what it's like to be a part of franchise series such as Castle and The Rookie as well as what he has planned for the future- in the immediate and when he's decided to wrap up his time in Hollywood. On the personal front, Fillion also discusses his secret to keeping positive and how different his perspective on things is now that he's in a position to be able to control his career and say no to projects. Fillion also touches upon dealing with the fans, how adversity can really help give you a sense of your own (or someone else's) true self, and some of those not-so-nice moments in his career that exemplified the Hollywood system at its worth. Here's a look at Fillion's full interview (and you can subscribe to Rosenbaum's Inside of You YouTube channel here):

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