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The Rookie S04E11: Will Nolan's "End Game" Prove Bailey's Innocence?
Before we get to the following preview for the next episode of ABC's Nathan Fillion-starring The Rookie, we have to say that this might be the largest amount of preview images we've ever posted for a single episode of a series Seriously I'm pretty sure you could turn all of these into a kind of[...]
Brandon Routh Talks The Rookie, Nathan Fillion & Playing Against Type
Since that time, he's resumed the role of Ray Palmer aka The Atom for "Legends'" 100th episode as well as The Flash "Armageddon." But it wasn't all Arrowverse, as Routh also discussed his run on ABC's third season of the Nathan Fillion-starring police drama The Rookie. THE ROOKIE (ABC) BRANDON ROUTH Having been friends for some time,[...]
The Rookie Season 4 Episode 8 Preview: A Surprise Visit for Bradford
Okay, sorry to get your hopes up but let's start with a friendly reminder that there isn't a new episode of ABC's Nathan Fillion-starring The Rookie this weekend, but that doesn't mean it's too early for a preview of what's to come on December 5th with "Hit and Run." And when the series does return,[...]
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It's been a pretty good week already for ABC's Nathan Fillion-starring The Rookie and it's only Tuesday Yesterday, viewers learned that Jenna Dewan's firefighter Bailey Nune has been promoted to series regular status as of the current fourth season The news comes only a day after actor, comedian & Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson returned[...]
The Rookie Season 4: Jenna Dewan Promoted to Series Regular
Viewers of ABC's Nathan Fillion-starring The Rookie will be seeing a lot more of firefighter Bailey Nune, with Deadline Hollywood reporting that Jenna Dewan has been promoted to series regular beginning the current fourth season Described as fun & unpredictable with a subversive sense of humor, Bailey was asked out by Nolan (Fillion) during the[...]
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That's because ABC's Nathan Fillion-starring The Rookie is back with a Halloween-set episode that sees… the dead rising!!!!!! Okay, not really But a new designer drug has hit the streets that's pretty much bath salts on steroids, turning users into "zombies"- and making for helluva Halloween for Nolan (Fillion) Meanwhile, Lucy (Melissa O'Neil) starts wondering[...]
The Rookie Season 4 Red Hot Preview: Hunting a Serial Killer Arsonist
Only three episodes in and ABC's fourth season of the Nathan Fillion-starring The Rookie is already looking to match if not exceed the excitement of last season And the next episode "Red Hot" doesn't look to be letting up on the tension any time soon While Nolan (Fillion) and Chen (Melissa O'Neil) look to avert[...]
The Rookie Shares Season 4 E01 Preview & Images; Season 3 Recap
This Sunday sees the fourth season of ABC's Nathan Fillion-starring series The Rookie picking up where last season left off as Nolan (Fillion) and the entire team race to find Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) after she's abducted on her wedding day Now, the network is giving viewers two opportunities to get up to speed First, we[...]
The Rookie Season 4 "Life and Death" Preview: A Race to Save Lopez
With the fourth season of ABC's Nathan Fillion-starring series The Rookie set to kick off on September 26, viewers are getting an extensive look at season-opener "Life and Death" with the release of over two dozen preview images along with an episode overview and teaser But if you're up-to-speed on the series heading into the[...]
The Rookie Season 3 Finale BTS Look; Preview: Lopez Gets The Bad News
As you see in the preview we posted yesterday (check it out here), Nolan (Nathan Fillion) faces a simple in-chase injury that doesn't stay simple for long while also meeting his new neighbor On the way more serious side of things, Lucy (Melissa O'Neil) goes deep undercover while Lopez's (Alyssa Diaz) wedding finds itself facing some[...]
The Rookie Season 3 Finale Preview; Nathan Fillion Teases High Stakes
As you're about to see in the following preview images (and more), Nolan (Nathan Fillion) finds a simple in-chase injury becoming more of a pain than he realized while also getting a chance to meet the newest addition to his neighborhood Meanwhile, Lucy (Melissa O'Neil) begins work undercover while Lopez's (Alyssa Diaz) wedding gets some serious[...]
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With Season 3 finale "Threshold" set for this Sunday, the Nathan Fillion-starring series was officially picked up a fourth season Considering the numbers that the series pulls for the network, it's no surprise During its third season, The Rookie averages nearly 10 million total viewers (9.8 million) after 35 days of delayed viewing on linear and[...]
The Rookie Season 3 "Triple Duty" Behind-the-Scenes Look; E13 Preview
Even though John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) is still dealing with some dire days ahead on a personal level, this week's episode of ABC's The Rookie ("Triple Duty") forces him out of the hospital and back on the streets in a very deadly way La Fiera (Camille Guat) has suffered the kind of personal loss that would[...]
The Rookie Season 3 Episode 13 Preview: La Fiera's Ready to Wage War
While last week's episode of ABC's The Rookie focused on a very personal emergency in John Nolan's (Nathan Fillion) life, this week's "Triple Duty" brings the action back to the streets in a very deadly way Now that La Fiera (Camille Guat) has lost her last thread to reason and understanding, an all-out drug war[...]
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Yesterday, we shared a preview for Sunday night's episode of ABC's The Rookie the shows the action shifting from the streets to the hospital after Nolan's (Nathan Fillion) son Henry (Zayne Emory) collapses at dinner- meaning Nolan and his ex-wife Sarah (Emily Deschanel) will need to work together to help him through this latest and deadliest[...]