Five Highlights from WWE Raw Last Night (With Video)

WWE Raw aired on USA Network, the final episode of the show before Saturday's Extreme Rules PPV. One thing for sure we can say about last night's episode of Raw is: it was definitely an episode of Raw. Many things happened, and we will tell you all about them… in the form of a listicle!

Yes, if you haven't noticed, we're suddenly really into listicles here at Bleeding Cool. We offer these listicles as tribute to the SEO gods in hopes they will bless us with their bounty of glorious clicks. Oh ye gods, we beseech thee, please give unto us your clicks! Amen.

Johnny Gargano finds The Miz after a Dexter Lumis attack on WWE Raw
Johnny Gargano finds The Miz after a Dexter Lumis attack on WWE Raw

Now, here are Five Highlights from last night's episode of WWE Raw.

1. Judgement Day defeats Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles on WWE Raw

With both Rhea Ripley and her sex slave, Dominik Mysterio at ringside, Rey Mysterio was distracted, causing friction between him and AJ Styles. They argued after the match, and when Rey left, Judgment Day kicked his ass again.


2. Bobby Lashley defeats Mustafa Ali on WWE Raw

In a non-title match, Bobby Lashley made Mustafa Ali pass out in the Hurt Lock. If you ever needed any evidence that the Vince McMahon era of WWE is truly over, you need only look to the fact that someone actually cared enough about Mustafa Ali to not completely job him out. Sure, he still jobbed — let's not go crazy here — but he didn't tap. That matters.


3. Daniel Cormier Appears Live on Raw (via Satellite)

Daniel Cormier will be the special guest referee when Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle collide in the Fight Pit at Extreme Rules on Saturday, but don't expect him to make the trip to a random episode of Raw. Cormier appeared on the Titantron during Riddle and Rollins' no-contact face-to-face on Raw. Cormier vowed to call the match down the middle… he can't be worse at it than a regular pro wrestling referee.


4. Dakota Kia defeats Candice LeRae on WWE Raw

Candice LeRae's undefeated streak is over after just one match, LeRae, who made her return to WWE last week and got a win over Nikki Ash, came up short against Dakota Kai on Raw last night. Kai had a little help from Bayley and Iyo Sky in the distraction finish.

5. Dexter Lumis continues to torment The Miz

We're not really sure how Dexter Lumis hasn't been arrested yet. He's guilty of kidnapping, assault, and god even knows what else. This week, he was seen stalking The Miz and knocked him out off-camera, with Johnny Gargano finding an unconscious Miz later. What else happened while Miz was out of it? We'll leave that up to the imagination… but someone really should call the police. Enough is enough!

We hope you enjoyed this listicle of highlights from WWE Raw. Yes, it's basically the same thing as the regular recaps we used to do of Raw, but better, because it's a listicle. Gods be praised.

Next up: six more highlights from WWE Raw, coming soon to Bleeding Cool. Stay tuned!

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