Hawaii Five-0 Star Beulah Koale Reflects on Series & Moving On

Beulah Koale is an actor on the rise in Hollywood spanning an impressive filmography spanning over 10 years. Breaking into the scene on the TV series Harry in 2013, he became a regular staple in the New Zealand entertainment industry appearing in films like Fantail (2013) , The Last Saint (2014), One Thousand Ropes (2017), and Thank You for Your Service (2017) while also appearing on TV shows The Cul De Sac and Common Ground. American audiences were introduced to him in the CBS reboot of Hawaii Five-0 in season eight joining the cast as former Navy SEAL and Task Force member Junior Reigns and also had a crossover episode on their reboot of Magnum P.I. in 2020. While promoting his upcoming sci-fi comedy Dual for RLJE Films, I spoke to Koale about his takeaway from being on the Alex O'Loughlin-starred series and if there's any chance we'll see Junior again.

Hawaii Five-0 Star Beulah Koale Reflects on Series & Moving on
Beulah Koale and Moronai Kanekoa in Hawaii Five-O (2010). Image courtesy of CBS

Beulah Koale on Junior Reigns' Future Beyond Hawaii Five-0

"Well, the best times are always with the relationships I had with their actual actors on set, and I still have those relationships now," Koale said. "I talk to a lot of them a lot and I also got to learn. I feel like that was a training ground for me as an actor to learn kind of the systems of America and how they kind of everything works in the film and TV industry here. I don't know if I do another TV thing now, because I felt like I learned what I needed to learn and in order for me to be where I want to be, I kind of just need to keep looking for the next couple of challenges. If there's a challenge in there that the writers write for myself as a character to be on 'Magnum PI', we'll maybe do a spinoff or definitely give it a go. I'll look into it, but I kind of I enjoyed doing this movie thing and doing projects like this, and I like 'Dual' where I get to do a genre that I'm not used to then work in a completely different style of it I'm not used to. I enjoy that challenge." Dual, which also stars Karen Gillan, Theo James,, and Aaron Paul, comes to theaters on April 15th. You can also catch Koale on NCIS: Hawai'i.

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