Hawkeye: Hailee Steinfeld on Kate Bishop, Jeremy Renner Advice & More

Yesterday, viewers were treated to two new preview images from Marvel Studios & Disney+'s Hawkeye, both focusing on Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop (who co-stars with Jeremy Renner aka Clint Barton in the action-adventure series set to premiere later this month). This time around, they get to hear from Steinfeld directly as she discusses with EW joining the MCU, her archery skills heading into filming, the advice Renner gave her, where she's getting her character inspirations from, and more. Here's a look at some of the highlights:

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HAWKEYE, Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

On Thinking She Had Her Archery Skills Ready & Renner's Advice: "I'd watched so many videos of actors and professional archers doing it, so by the time I got to the archery range for the very first time, I literally picked up the bow like I knew what the heck I was doing, loaded the arrow, and felt ready to go. My instructor looked at me and was just like, 'Okay. We got work to do.'" But as much as she wanted to have her skills sets ready for filming in Atlanta, co-star Renner offered some advice from his time in the MCU. "I wanted [the archery] to be second nature by the time I got out to Atlanta to shoot, but the first time we met, Jeremy was like, 'Listen, you're going to get there and you're not even shooting a real arrow, it's all CGI,'. But I was still grateful to have the mechanics down," Steinfeld revealed.

On Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU): "It's very, very exciting to be in the MCU at all. I still haven't been able to get over that. Playing someone that people are in fact very excited to see — it makes me feel honored to be the one bringing her to life."

On Developing Kate Bishop as a Character: "Diving into all the information out there on Kate Bishop felt like a dream," Steinfeld explained, noting that Matt Fraction & David Aja's critically-acclaimed Hawkeye comic was a primary source for her research. Still, viewers can expect Steinfeld to develop her character from a number of sources. "With Kate, I think it's sort of a similar thing as Dickinson where there's all this information about her, there's different versions of this story and character, and it's a huge evolution. I think it's going to be very exciting for fans to see what we've taken from all that and put into this show.

HAWKEYE Film Frame. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

With the series taking aim at Disney+ for a two-episode premiere on November 24th, here's a look at the teaser "Event" (which had us at Clint's "manager" line, Kate taking serious aim, and Lucky rocking holiday "ears") followed by a look back at the official trailer for Marvel Studios' Hawkeye:

Renner and Steinfeld are being joined on Hawkeye by a pretty impressive line-up of names. Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) is set as Eleanor Bishop, mother of Kate Bishop (Steinfeld), while Fra Fee (The Spanish Princess) is set to play Kazi (most likely short for Kazimierz Kazimierczak) aka mercenary villain Clown in the comics. Tony Dalton's (Better Call Saul) Jack Duquesne (aka Swordsman?), a possible mentor for Hawkeye who has lived on both sides of the law throughout this comic book career. Florence Pugh will reprise the role of spy and assassin Yelena Belova, sister of Black Widow, from the Scarlett Johansson-starring film Black Widow. Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez (aka Echo) is a deaf Native American who is capable of perfectly copying another person's movements, making her a formidable fighter. Zahn McClarnon's (Barkskins) William Lopez is expected to be a take on Maya's father Willie "Crazy Horse" Lincoln from the comics. Directors Bert & Bertie (Troop Zero, Kidding) are helming the live-action adaptation.

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