HIMYM Co-Creators on Why Bob Saget Was Perfect for Future Ted & More

Earlier tonight, the world learned of the passing of Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos star Bob Saget at the age of 65. It didn't take long for the entertainment community to take to social media to express their condolences as well as share their personal thoughts on Saget as a comedian, actor, father, and human being. Two of those individuals were Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, co-creators of CBS' popular 2005-2014 sitcom How I Met Your Mother. While only "appearing" as the future version of Josh Radnor's Ted Mosby who's telling his children in 2030 the story of how he met their mother, Saget's voice would be as easily associated with the series as any member of the cast. Now, Thomas and Bays are sharing their personal thoughts on their time with Saget- including Thomas explaining why Saget was selected to voice Future Ted Mosby: "We cast a different actor's voice to be Future Ted because we liked the idea of Future You telling Past You that it's all gonna be OK, the ups…the downs…you will make it through…"

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Here's a look at Thomas and Bays' tweets reflecting on what Saget brought to the series on both personal and professional levels:

I don't even know what to say about Bob Saget. I loved him and was so lucky to work with someone so funny, soulful and kind. His role on HIMYM was a voice in the future, looking back on all of life's complexity with a smile, and that's how I'll always remember him

To say what I'm sure many others are also saying: Bob went out of his way to support a charity that raises money for research into my son's health condition and was always there for me year after year, he was all heart and a philanthropist by nature

I'd just add: Bob Saget as the Narrator of #HIMYM helped the show — which was created by a couple of untested children (me and [Carter Bays] get, and stay, on the air…it lent an air of legitimacy to have him…and in the comedy community, it meant respect.

Also: One time during #HIMYM, I was at a stoplight and someone (I think drunk) leaned out of a car next to me and yelled, "Are you Bob Saget?" I said no, then wanted to explain that I do actually work with him, but the light changed and they drove away…

Trying to think of someone in comedy who other people in comedy genuinely liked more, and didn't have a bad word to say about them (which people in comedy generally DO) — hard to do…

We cast a different actor's voice to be Future Ted because we liked the idea of Future You telling Past You that it's all gonna be OK, the ups…the downs…you will make it through…thanks for telling us Bob… and making us feel that it's true.

"There was simply no better guy. He was the best. Sending love to the many, many, many people who are heartbroken right now. I can't think of anyone whose memory will be more of a blessing," Bays wrote in a tweet, followed by one of the last times he, Thomas, and Saget met up:

Originally landing the role he would best be known for, Saget would begin playing Danny Tanner on Full House in 1987 and continuing in the role for nearly a decade, wrapping his run on the original series in 1995. Saget was joined by John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, and Lori Loughlin. He would go on to reprise the role for Netflix's revival Fuller House, which ran for four years before ending its run in 2020. But Saget was also known for his reality show work, hosting America's Funniest Home Videos from 1989 to 1997 (hosting it while also working on Full House, pretty much cementing him as a familiar face in millions of homes).

But there was so much more to Saget's humor than just family fare. Saget's stand-up comedy was about as far from Danny Tanner and cute kitten videos as you can find, and it was his ability to be successful in both worlds that earned him the respect of many of his peers. For a perfect example of this, look no further than Comedy Central's 2008 roast of the actor/comedian, which opened up many fans' eyes to another side of the man's talents. Saget would also go on to appear as an exaggerated version of himself on HBO's Entourage, served as the narrator's voice on CBS's  How I Met Your Mother, a memorable turn in the Dave Chappelle-starring Half Baked, and more.

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