HouseBroken Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Honey's New Perspective On Love

The fourth episode of FOX's HouseBroken, "Who's a Good Therapist?", gave us a look at Honey and Chief's journey at a kennel while their owner goes on vacation. While the therapy group slowly realizes they're better being led by Honey in any therapeutic endeavors, she and Chief find it difficult to get past some jealousy regarding another pairs' relationship. Meeting two dogs who've known each other since they were puppies, Honey gets irritated and concerned that her relationship with Chief doesn't match up.

Housebroken Season 1 E04 Review: Honey's New Perspective On Love
Honey talking to the "perfect couple". Source: FOX

This episode of HouseBroken did an excellent job with the two storylines going side by side in perfect timing. The chaotic yet undeniably funny tone of the therapy group without Honey's guidance was very well done. Characters grew in their personalities and we ended up finding out Chico was pregnant. The incident after the birthing of Chico's kittens, involving the fish being thrown out of the bowl and slapped around like a hockey puck made me break out into a pure laughing fit. Meanwhile, the realization hits Honey that her relationship with Chief isn't meant to be perfect or like anyone else and that is ok.

The scenes going from the kennel to the group are nice and interchanges stories that vary in energy. Healthy compromise and understanding become key themes in HouseBroken and the growth of character for Honey is fantastic to see. On the other hand, we get nervous seeing Tabitha attempt to return owner favoritism to her from the new kitten by running away. Little does Tabitha know, but while she stays at a cat café, her owners are putting up posters and more trying to find her. This episode of HouseBroken was great and ended in a way that has me laughing and wanting to continue because I care to see what happens with everyone, especially Tabitha.

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