Impact Genesis Results: Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake

Hi again. The Chadster here, proudly continuing Bleeding Cool's live coverage of Impact Wrestling's Genesis special. That's because, unlike certain other wrestling reporters here at Bleeding Cool, The Chadster takes his job seriously.

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Impact Wrestling's first Impact Plus special of 2021, Genesis, emanates from Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN on Saturday, January 9th. With the Hard to Kill PPV only a week away, Genesis is focused primarily on the return of the Super X Cup tournament, which will take place entirely during the show. The tournament's brackets pit Ace Austin against Suicide, Daivari vs. Cousin Jake, Crazzy Steve vs. Trey Lamar, and KC Navarro vs. Blake Christian in the opening round, while the semi-finals and final will take place later in the night. In addition, Genesis features an I Quit match between Moose and Willie Mack that will, hopefully, settle the pair's differences once and for all. Finally, in the last advertised match of the show, Jazz delays her retirement one more time for a one-on-one match with Jordynne Grace. Of course, it would be surprising if there weren't at least a few developments in the matchups planned for Hard to Kill on tonight's show.

Match graphic for Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake at Impact Genesis
Match graphic for Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake at Impact Genesis

Impact Genesis Results Part 5

Gia Miller asks Moose for his thoughts about his I Quit match with Willie Mack. Moose says people make stupid decisions when they're angry, which is what Willie Mack did when he asked to fight Moose in an I Quit match, Moose says Willie's stupidity has made him angry. He's gonna use this match to send a message to Rich Swann and the world about what happens when you get in the ring with an angry Moose. Moose says he isn't just gonna mack Willie quit. He's gonna hurt him and send him to the hospital. Strong words from Moose.

Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake

But that match is happening later. Ace Austin and Cousin Jake go at it first in the first semi-final match of the Super X Cup. This match is loaded with shenanigans, both of the high-flying sort from Ace Austin, and from the interference kind by Madman Fulton. Jake tries to stand up to Fulton but it only serves to distract him from his opponent.

Jake does pull it together in the second half the match and focus on Austin, to some degree of success. But when Jake goes for a gutwrench suplex off the top rope, Austin reverses and then hits The Fold for the pin.

Winner: Ace Austin

Despite interference in the first half of the match, Austin won cleanly enough in the second half. This puts Austin in the finals of the Super X Cup, with one more semi-final match to go.

Bleeding Cool's live coverage of Impact Genesis continues, and if The Chadster had his way, he'd just cover the rest of the PPV for you so you wouldn't have to deal with any of the nonsense my colleagues get up to in their articles, but The Chadster is, sadly, not in charge, so check back soon for the next match, which will be covered by literally the worst person who works for this website, Jude Terror.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Impact Genesis 2020 Live Results.

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