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It's Always Sunny in- America? The Gang Helped Defeat Donald Trump

Maybe It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for Dennis, Dee, Mac, Charlie, Frank, and the motley crew that gravitates around Paddy's, but for just one day- even for just a few hours- it gets to be a little sunny in America for Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Danny DeVito, and 80 million more Americans who finally got to cast off the stink that was Donald Trump and his ilk on Wednesday as President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris prepare to be sworn in on Wednesday. So in honor of the series about to break television history records and to celebrate one of the first truly decent days in the past four years, we're taking a look back at how The Gang Saved America from a real-life Bill Ponderosa.

always sunny
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Image: FX Networks)

Of course, it all began back in September when Day took to Instagram to take serious issue with Trump's unsubstantiated (no surprise) attacks on the city of Philadelphia (claiming that "bad things" happen there) during that week's presidential "debate." Well, for a show that wears its love for "The City of Brotherly Love" on its sleeve, there was no way Day was going to let Philly go undefended without some "Always Sunny" pushback.

And it wasn't just Day who decided to take to social media to offer some not-so-brotherly love Trump's way, with McElhenney mocking the POS-POTUS for his "Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia" line from the debate by unleashing DEFCON: Dennis on the orange disaster:

Then in November 2020, The Gang began pushing folks to get out the vote through the show's social media accounts:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: the Gang wants you to vote. (Image: FXX)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: the Gang wants you to vote. (Image: FXX)
Always Sunny
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: the Gang wants you to vote. (Image: FXX)

Election Day! And with it? Days of confusion, recounts, and lawsuits. But McElhenney knew who we should've turned to for the answer- taking to Instagram to reimagine that excellent scene between Charlie and Mac in the fourth season episode "Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack"- except this time, Charlie knows exactly who Pepe Silvia really is… President of the United States of America!

Only days later, it appeared Charlie may have found his long-lost brother in MSNBC's "election map messiah" Steve Kornacki. Clearly, Day thought so based on his Instagram post below- which also included an offer to Saturday Night Live that they should still consider:

When Biden officially took the lead in Pennsylvania over Trump, McElhenney and Olson took to social media to sing the praises of "The City of Brotherly Love"- beginning with an appreciation of the entirely new meaning that the phrase "Flipadelphia" will have from this point forward. Following that, McElhenney celebrated what being a "real Amerian" is all about with two fans in full-on Charlie mode- as well as a not-too-subtle dig at Trump for the previous shade he'd thrown Philly's way:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:
A celebration of Philly (Image: screencap)

With President-Elect Biden and Vice-President-Elect Harris getting ready to take the stage, McElhenney and Olson expressed their pride in the election results first with Olson looking to be the middle of this new "political sandwich" while McElhenney kept it simple but put more love for their city in just three words than most could do with three paragraphs:

Meanwhile, Howerton dropped a nice wave of sarcasm on Trump as The Big Joke continued to claim that he won the election and had the most votes (with absolutely nothing to back those claims up, as usual).

Finally… who can forget Trump's "dream team " fronted by Rudy "Just Can't Keep That Damn Shirt Tucked in Enough" Giuliani and that press conference at the "Four Seasons"- which was actually a brick wall next to Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Inc. in North Philly. But while everyone else may have been fooled, McElhenney knew exactly where they were at because he knew what was across the street from their brick wall. At least we now know where the fine folks at the Four Seasons go to throw a couple back (and maybe help Charlie kill some rats?):

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