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James Corden: Maybe Now's the Time to Take a Break from Our Screens?

The hauntings of James Corden didn't begin with the surreal appearance of a tuxedo humanoid cat without a butthole in Cats. Oh no, it started a long, long time ago… [Ed. Note: definitely didn't bury the lead… wow]

James Corden: The Man Who Should Leave TV Completely [Opinion]
Source: Late Late Show With James Corden YouTube channel (screenshot).
It's like an annoying goblin has skittered from village to village searching for purpose, except it's a middle-aged man who terrorizes the crosswalks of Los Angeles in makeshift nightmare musical costumes. I'll never forget the uncalled-for thrusting that was caught on camera during his segment "Crosswalk the Musical: Cinderella" from his late-night show, The Late Late Show with James Corden. A bit of comfort comes from the news that he's leaving late-night television, but certain nightmares remain seared into my brain because of his time on TV and in media.


He needs to be taken down (original videos @ryfdavis @Clare Loughran ) #SmartfoodClub #jamescorden #crosswalkthemusical #cinderella

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Corden is everywhere and nowhere, I'm unsure of how to explain it but I'll do my best because if anyone should just be yeeted out of television it would be him. He's been in some questionable projects like Lesbian Vampire Hunters (why am I now surprised?) and he's been in numerous animated titles, somehow making the character of Peter Rabbit incredibly uncomfortable. Sometimes I'd forget he was still being cast in moves and tv shows, peace would arrive in my soul and then he'd appear in a trailer like someone who gets too good at being quiet in a room with you and then scares the shit out of you.

Some of the most awkward content I've ever witnessed in my life has come from Corden, such as the carpool karaoke or making celebrities eat disgusting or unbearable dishes to get out of answering some often very personal questions. His late-show games, filmed performances, and often his presence on camera is like the one theater kid bully who made all other theater kids and theater in general look bad.  "Carpool Karaoke" often feels like he's the celebrity's Uber or Lyft driver desperately wanting five stars but at the same time does not know what personal space is. It feels like a comical hostage negotiation.

The Cats film was already a nightmare filled with more questions than answers, but leave it to Corden's character, Bustopher Jones (it's really the name…I'm sorry), to reveal himself in the fur-covered nude from out of a tuxedo but still have dress shoes on in a garbage can. I get that the industry loves hiring the same people for a variety of roles. I'm still haunted by all the roles Chris Pratt will be in soon, but we can stop Corden before it's too late. Maybe we can save television, or at least intersections before he decides to find a new home. The lineup of late-night TV, but also most TV shows, is full of middle-aged to old white straight men and we need some variety now. No future generation should suffer another James Corden… let this be a teachable moment.

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