Jerry Lawler: WWE Requiring All Talent to Get COVID Vaccine by June

WWE wants everyone who works for them to get the COVID-19 vaccine by June's Money in the Bank PPV, according to Jerry Lawler. Lawler revealed the news on Twitter, showing WWE is taking coronavirus safety seriously as it prepares to resume live touring in July.

"WWE called and said everyone needs to be fully vaccinated before the next pay per view in June, so here I am!" said Lawler on Twitter, posting a photo of himself receiving the shot. "Didn't hurt a bit!!!"

Requiring vaccinations shows WWE has come a long way since the start of the pandemic, when the company didn't even bother using actual coronavirus testing or making talent and crew wear masks. After suffering through several outbreaks that interfered with plans, including seeing Drew McIntyre catch COVID while he was WWE Champion, WWE came around and instituted stricter precautions (and gave the boot to certain Qanon-supporting staff members). And now, according to Jerry Lawley, everyone in WWE must be vaccinated by Money in the Bank.

Maybe WWE should have gotten then-WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to get the COVID vaccine before they let him in the ring with this guy.
Maybe WWE should have gotten then-WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to get the COVID vaccine before they let him in the ring with this guy.

Money in the Bank takes place on Sunday, June 20th. And in July, WWE will head back on the road to begin live touring with crowds, starting out in Florida, Texas, and the Midwest, but soon expanding everywhere. In a press release this morning, WWE announced plans to hold SummerSlam on August 31st and announced another 21 tour dates, including a foray into AEW's home territory of Jacksonville in September. Of course, while WWE may be requiring its talent to get vaccinated, fans must come to WWE live events at their own risk. WWE sent out a waiver for fans to absolve WWE of any responsibility if they catch COVID or even die at a live WWE event this Summer. There are worse ways to go… but not many.

UPDATE: Lawler clarified with a follow-up tweet on the consequences of not getting vaccinated, saying, "1st let me comment on some of the comments after this tweet of mine. The WWE has the same covid policy as MLB. If you're fully vaccinated, you're good to go. If not, you must still wear a mask at the event and be tested before an event."

UPDATE x2: Lawler further clarified: "In trying to be brief, my earlier tweet may have given the wrong impression. WWE never forces anyone to be vaccinated. Their new policy is, if you're fully vaccinated you no longer have to be tested or wear a mask at events. I hate the masks! I love the new WWE policy!"

UPDATE x3: "There is no war in Ba Sing Se," Lawler added.

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