Jey Uso to Challenge Roman Reigns again at WWE Hell in a Cell

Tonight on WWE Smackdown, WWE booked what will presumably be the main event of the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV. Roman Reigns will once again put the WWE Universal Championship on the line against his cousin, Jey Uso, but this time, it will be inside Hell in a Cell. The match was made during the opening promo segment of Smackdown, which was supposed to be the official coronation of Reigns as the Tribal Chief of the WWE Universe. Unfortunately, Roman wasn't feeling it because, despite the beating he gave Uso last Sunday, Uso refused to acknowledge his status.

Jey Uso is shocked to learn he'll be main-eventing his second PPV in a row against Roman Reigns. [WWE Smackdown]
Jey Uso is shocked to learn he'll be main-eventing his second PPV in a row against Roman Reigns. [WWE Smackdown]
From our full Smackdown report, which will be published tomorrow morning, here's what went down:

Uso says he doesn't know Roman. He's supposed to be his cousin, his family, but at Clash of Champions, "you showed your true colors, uce." Uso says he did too. Roman beat his ass, but he didn't' break his spirit. If Jimmy never threw the towel in, "the championship would be mine, uce."

Roman asks if Jey thinks he's proud of what he did. Clash of Champions was the worst night of Roman's career, professionally and personally. That wasn't his intention going into the match. "I was trying to do you a favor, Uce," he tells him. All he wanted to do was put Uso in the main event. He just wanted to help him and give him a huge payday. "I love you. I love you more than your brother loves you. Like you always say, you're day one. You've been there my whole life. All I wanted to do was raise you up. And all you had to do was acknowledge me. All you had to do was to say the words, acknowledge me as the Tribal Chief."

Roman talks about how this was his birthright and Uso knew it. All he wanted was to represent their family to the fullest and share the main event with him. "And what did you do?" he asks. "You disrespected me. You embarrassed me. You embarrassed our whole family. And you broke my heart."

Roman says Uso won't even look him in the eye. He's looking at the belt. Is that all he wants? Does he want another shot? He's got one. Does he want it at Hell in the Cell? He's got it. (Uso says nothing this whole time.) But this match will have the highest stakes that any match has ever had in WWE history.

Roman hugs Uso and tells him he loves him, but if Roman was Uso, he wouldn't accept the challenge. "This time, there's gonna be real consequences," he whispers in his ear. Roman and Heyman leave, but Uso stops them mid-ramp: "Whatever the stakes are, you're on, uce!"

We never did learn exactly what those stakes or consequences will be, but we can speculate. Perhaps Jey Uso will be forced to leave Smackdown if he doesn't win. Perhaps he'll be forced to leave the Anoa'i family. Perhaps he'll be forced to start a Twitch channel and stream on all his off time lest he be punished by WWE, and all he'll get in return is his contractual downside guarantee. Whatever it is, we'll find out before Hell in a Cell takes place on October 25th.

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