Ring of Honor's Joe Hendry Gifts Us With His Take on Tiger King

Ring of Honor's Joe Hendry has blessed us with another musical parody. After his catchy "Wash my Hands Again," he's back and this time he's singing about Carol Baskin. Sung to the tune of Ms. Jackson by Outkast, Hendry takes on the role of Joe Exotic, as well as a fearful man who doesn't want to be turned into Tiger Meat.

While in the Exotic persona, Hendry sings out an insincere apology to Baskin, telling her there's nothing wrong with what she did — and if she could please bail him out from jail. The production on this video, while not high, is made to elicit a laugh out of the viewer. Hendry utilized a dog crate as both a jail and a cage, cut up a yellow towel to make himself like Exotic, and even had an adorable dog act like a ferocious tiger.

We assume no Hendry's were harmed in the making of this video. Hendry has been using his downtime to create and release some truly funny — and poignant — videos. His Wash my Hands Again video charmed the heck out of us, and we hope to see more parody videos from the prestigious one. Hendry's YouTube also has several videos that discuss how you can become a professional wrestler. Need more Hendry in your life? He also has a delightful podcast, as well.

The official logo for Ring of Honor wrestling.
The official logo for Ring of Honor wrestling.

Before the world went on lockdown, Hendry had been building a name for himself at Ring of Honor. His storyline with the equally entertaining and creative Dalton Castle was really starting to take off. Hopefully, when the worldwide pandemic starts to subside, we can see more of their budding friendly feud—interested in getting started with the bromance (maybe?) of Hendry and Dalton? Check out this video, where the two lament on how badly they need a match—interested in seeing Hendry's in-ring action? Check out the Ring of Honor YouTube channel to catch up on Hendry's matches, as well as other matches from the Ring of Honor vault. Is there a wrestler or a promotion you think we should check out? Let us know in the comments below!

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