Keith Lee Plans to Infringe on Randy Orton's Gimmick at WWE Payback

WWE star Keith Lee appeared on WWE's The Bump podcast, where he had some words for Randy Orton ahead of their match at WWE Payback tonight. Lee will face Orton at the PPV after their match on Monday Night Raw, the same night Lee made his main roster debut, was interrupted by an angry Drew McIntyre. But despite going up against the most experienced wrestler working full time in WWE today, Lee doesn't seem too concerned about his fate.

Keith Lee appears on WWE's The Bump podcast.
Keith Lee appears on WWE's The Bump podcast.

"I think that I have to be of the same mindset," Lee said about his strategy going into the match tonight at Payback. "I have to be the one understanding his position and where he's coming from in terms of his thought process and how he feels about that circumstance. But I also feel like because he doesn't know the most about me I can also come from the aspect of surprise and the aspect of unexpected. As JBL said, there's not been a lot of athletes like myself, and I think that him not knowing much about me is kind of my secret power in this match if you will."

Lee also said that he may have to engage in a little gimmick infringement for his match tonight."[It's] is so strange to think about," Lee said. "You got a guy who calls himself a Legend Killer, but I don't think he understands that he himself is a legend as it stands right now, so maybe it's my job to do the legend killing in this match instead."

Okay, competing with a man in the ring is one thing. Stealing their gimmick and nickname is another thing entirely! Keith Lee will face Randy Orton at WWE Payback tonight, and Bleeding Cool will bring you live reports about the event, so be sure to check back here later.

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