Krypton Season 1: Shaun Sipos Talks Adam Strange and the Red Suit

Syfy has released another Decrypting Krypton video… I wonder how long it took them to come up with that title? It's really not bad… with host Matt Hiscox and guest host this time, Erika Ishii. Now they jump right into spoilers, so I'll talk about that after the image below… but they also have quick interviews with artist Bob Q and Adam Strange actor Shaun Sipos. If you've seen the episode, then read on… otherwise there are some spoilers ahead and you might want to go watch the episode first.

The first thing mentioned is the final scene of the episode where the Voice of Rao is infected by Brainiac's scout. He pulls his helmet off, and while I thought we'd end up seeing Blake Ritson under the mask, Hiscox talks his disappointment that it wasn't a classic Superman villain under the helmet like the Eradicator. Where I think that would be interesting, it might be too much too soon. I mean, this is set 200 years in the past, we don't want them to go through all the Kryptonian villains at once. Artist Bob Q talks about the Voice of Rao and how he'd have a hard time following someone with seven noses and fourteen eyeballs. They also point out that like Grandson like Grandfather as Seg (Cameron Cuffe) seems to set up the "L" obsessions that Kal-El has… Lois Lane, Lana Lang… with his love of Lyta (Georgian Campbell).

They talk with Shaun Sipos about Adam Strange, who the actor points out is the only human being on the show, the connection to Superman and basically the eyes and ears of the audience. He says he does hope to one day put on the classic Adam Strange red and white costume… with head fin. He asked executive producer Cameron Welsh if he'll get to fly and he looks at the red suit as symbol that Strange has become a superhero, something he very much seems to want to be. He also talks about the doubts that Adam is struggling with and how they're the same as we all struggle with, if we are good enough to be what we want to be.

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on Syfy.

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