Loki Star Tom Hiddleston Explains His Character's Affinity for Daggers

As much as Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has been synonymous with his hammer (aka Mjölnir) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his brother and frenemy Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is the same with his daggers since their debut in the 2011 film Thor. Five MCU films later, the star of the Disney+ series Loki opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the trickster's history with daggers and why it's his preferred weapon of choice.

Loki Star Tom Hiddleston Explains Character's Affinity for Daggers
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"The idea of throwing knives came from something that evolved out of a conversation with [director] Kenneth Branagh, which is that Loki's fighting style is quick, efficient, and lethal," Hiddleston said. "That Thor was like a block of granite, but Loki was like the wind. You couldn't really pin him down. Thor was solid, stable, immovable, and enormously powerful, and Loki was dancing around him like a sprite or as unpredictable as the wind. And then the knives, I suppose, stuck in the canon."

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Loki Knife Flip in Thor: Ragnarok

Hiddleston broke down the sequence on developing his iconic knife flip in the third film Thor: Ragnarok in 2017. "So there's a big sequence on the bridge at the end of the film, and we all had these sequences of choreography while Chris and Cate Blanchett were fighting together, and myself and Idris [Elba] and [director] Taika [Waititi] had all these pieces we had to do with the fantastic stunt department in their motion-capture suits."

We were doing that run, it was an afternoon, and it was myself and Idris and maybe Taika. I can't remember. Definitely Idris was there, and it was a two-shot of us fighting these fantastic athletes that are the stunt guys. And I ran out of choreography. Basically, I think I finished my moves before Idris, and he was still rolling, and I didn't want to just be standing there like a lemon, not doing anything interesting. So I just flipped the knives, and caught them by chance and Idris laughed about it. We watched it back. He was [like], 'Oh, god, he's gone and done a knife flip at the end of it.' Because he was finishing his fight moves. But, yeah, it ended up staying. I've since tried to do it. Every time I try to do it with wooden spoons, it never works, and I always drop one. So it was one of those things, but lightning never strikes twice.

Loki interacted with the other variants in the limited series penultimate episode "Journey Into Mystery". The finale streams on Disney+ on July 14.

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